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Potable Water & Well Digging NGOs & Charities in Gambia

Adventist Development
& Relief Agency

Kanifing Municipality, Greater Banjul
...engaged in a number of community projects such as potable water delivery initiatives in Sotokoi, Brufut Village, Faratu Daru, Ghana Town as well as health projects in Sinchu, Brufut, Abuko...
UK & New Yundum
...A plot of land has been bought in New Yundum. The charity has managed to create a water borehole with fitted PV pump which is available to all locals to use...
ChildFund - The Gambia
Kanifing Municipality, Kombo Saint Mary District
...aid distribution, school building, healthcare, rural business enterprises, water well supplies and filtration, self-sustaining self-employment, micro-credit and loans, livestock production....
United Purpose (UP)
...NGO which determined to meeting the basic requirements of remote and impoverished village communities, who by their very geographic locations are distant from most public amenities such as schools, running water...
Fresh Start Foundation
Brikama, Western River Region
.....rehabilitation of facilities, farming assistance, digging wells and other community assistance projects. The beneficiaries of its charitable works are poor children, teens and the general rural communities in The Gambia.
Gambia Youth Federation
Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda,  Banjul area
...a non-governmental organisation which works primarily for the interests of young men and women in the fields of school buildings construction, crop cultivation, water well digging, healthcare, fruit...
Sanyang Village, Kombo South
....a registered non-governmental humanitarian organisation engaged in the provision of basic amenities such as well water supplies with standpipes,  health, education assistance for the needy in Kombo....
Humanity First
.....Rural Water Supplies HF - Gambia have a scheme of replacing and maintaining broken hand water pumps in villages thereby increasing the available access of local communities to clean, accessible water for drinking, sanitation and washing....
Methodist Mission
Agricultural Programme

Brikama, Nyambai
...MMAP's main aims are met through various measures such as the use of effective crop irrigation methods, water tube well digging, treadle pumps, tree planting,......... Water borehole digging to aquifer
Muslim Hands
40 Mosque Road, Latrikunda, Kombo District, local environment, potable water supplies, sponsoring the elderly and orphans, food production and livelihood aid such as  loans for...
Opera Africa
Romsey, Hampshire & Kanifing & Kombo South
...carried out well digging, borehole sinking and the rehabilitation and repair of existing wells. It has also provided a water tank and pump which led to a decrease in infections related to contaminated water...
Trust Agency For Rural
Development TARUD

Gunjur Town
...This is in the form of initiatives that  enhances economic and social potential. The areas it focuses on are water and hygiene, nursery childhood development, general health and earning capacity....
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 NGOs - A to Z


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