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GamMol - Gambia

Contact Address:
GamMol - Gambia 
Sanyang Village
Kombo South
Western Region
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 9952821 


Gammol, which was founded in Banjul in 1992, is a registered non-governmental humanitarian organisation engaged in the provision of basic amenities such as well water supplies with standpipes,  health, education assistance for the needy in Kombo, West Coast Region and other areas up to the town of Basse Santa Su.

The aid charity works at the community grassroots level as opposed to helping individuals except for education where they will pay the tuition fees for some gifted Gambian students.

The charity's projects are in collaboration with local bodies who are carefully selected so as to ensure that programmes with the fewest available resources achieve the biggest impact on the welfare of the local population.

At the GamMol association's headquarters in Belgium there is a core staff of around 12 people along with the board. Local volunteers help with collecting equipment which is shipped by container to The Gambia and cleared through customs by the organisation.

Back in The Gambia, GamMol has 12 paid members of staff, and four people who work full-time on their projects.

Objectives & Principles:
To assist health care centres & hospitals with materials, equipment & financial support.

As a non-profit they will never hand over money or valuable to an individual.

They will always try to help people in need with the basics.

To optimize and maximize resources impacts on various projects.

To inform sponsors of the purpose and where their donations have been used.

To help children in with the necessary items & payments for their schooling.

GamMol vzw
Head office
Vosstraat 11
B2400 Mol
Belgium, EU

Tel no: +32 (0) 495 216465

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