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Poverty Relief NGOs & Charities P.2

Humanity First
In Latrikunda Sabiji, Banjul area, this is an international charity organisation working in Gambia for poverty relief for the underprivileged & refugees assistance like healthcare, skills training, orphan assistance, emergency food aid, drinking water supplies, mobile medical units etc.
International Islamic Relief

Serrekunda, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
IIRO is an Islamic humanitarian CSO that gives poverty alleviation  in the form of disaster aid, health services, education support, digging wells & assisting orphans.
International Relief &

Bakau New Town, Banjul area
The IRD is an International relief organisation engaged in charitable development work such as agricultural production, forestry, environment.
Juffureh Albreda Youth Society
JAYS is a local youth organisation working in Gambia's North Bank Region in Upper Niumi's rural villages to raise standards of living of people in poverty via farming, healthcare awareness, eco-tourism & training.
Kombo East Tesito Association
KETA, in Faraba Bantang, Brikama Town, is a Banjul registered NGO who work in the local village of Faraba to enhance the lives of the underprivileged through better food, shelter, job training, reserve food stocks.
Kutejumbulu 2BAB Foundation
This is a CSO charity group from the Netherlands working on Jinack Island, Niumi, in the North Bank Region to help in relief for the poor through child welfare, microfinancing, horticulture, and establishing a health care clinic.
Mennonite Educational &
Horticultural Development Associates

Mehda works from Pirang Village, in agricultural productivity, tree planting exercises, started a nursery school, a women's crafts cooperative & birdwatching trips.
Muslim Hands
This is an international aid organisation from the UK involved in humanitarian aid assistance. The NGO works to reduce poverty among the poorest by student sponsorship, food aid, potable water supplies, helping the elderly, orphans & helping Gambian farmers.
National Farmers Association
for Poverty Alleviation

NAFA in Sintet Village, Foni Jarrol District, works to increase literacy, micro-loans for horticulture, eco-tourism activities.
National Women Farmers

Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Greater Banjul area
The institution represents nearly 50,000 female agriculturalists working to get women away from subsistence farming & onto cash crop production.
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