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Bijol Islands (Kajonyi, Gambia)

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Bird Species Tanji Bird Reserve
Bijol Islands form part of the Tanji River Karinti Bird Reserve, & has an area of 6 square km which is managed by the Department of Parks & Wildlife Management of the Gambia. It lies 1.5km from the Bald Cape promontory's coast.

This marine habitat has two offshore islands that provide home to many migratory bird species that find a haven here, away from human disturbance & feed on the areas with abundant fish species. There are two Islands, one large & one small, connected at low tide by a sand split. Both Islands are low lying with maximum elevation of about 2m above sea level. The main Island is covered with low growing saline tolerant vegetation, such as beach morning glory, Baobab Trees, Casuarinas, Prickly sesban &  Sicklepod.

The upwelling current enriches the Islands with abundant food for marine mammal and seabirds. Bird species found on Bijol Islands are  Royal Terns, Long Tailed Cormorants, Whimbrels, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Grey Headed Gulls, Kelp Gulls,  Reef Herons, Little Terns, Bar-tailed Godwits,  Grey Plovers, Slender-billed Gulls, Kentish Plovers,  Audouins Gulls, Caspian Terns, Redshanks, Senegal Coucals, Black Tailed Godwits, Pomarine Skua, Yellow Wagtails, small waders, pelicans, osprey and Lanner Falcon.

The islands also provides a nesting site for green turtles and shelter for various sea mammals.

Unauthorised access to the isles is prohibited, and restricted to visits by small groups of researches only; and it is considered as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

Contact Address Details:
Dept. of Parks &
Wildlife Management

C/o Ministry of Forestry & the Environment
GIPFZA House, Kairaba Avenue
Abuko Nature Reserve, HQ
Tel no: +220 3917559

[Geographical coordinates 13 23' 07" N, 16 49' 01" W / Kombo South, Western Region]
Tanji Bird Reserve
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