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Sandele Bay Eco-Retreat 4 Star
Location: Near Kartong beach, 100 metres away, SW Gambia
Rooms: 14 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Car Rental ✔ Airport Transfers ✔
Review: Sandele is a luxury eco-ethical hideaway in the bush, almost on the oceanfront. You could also call it a yoga retreat, a mediation sanctuary or a spa haven are among the other things you will find there.
Bamboo Guest House
Location: Coastal side, near Bijilo beachfront, 7 minutes walk
Rooms:  Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔ (on beach)
  Airport Transfers ✔
The Bamboo Guest House is a relaxing haven not too far from the main tourist resorts. Suites come with double bed, satellite TV, private terrace, private shower, flushing toilet, and mosquito net. They have their own beach bar and diner nearby.
Bendula Lodge
Location: In Batokunku village edge, near Tujering
Rooms: 5 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
You can find silence and solitude on the edge of a coastal village; simple, rustic living in huts in a nice, quiet garden. Shared shower and toilet facilities.
Boboi Beach Lodge
Location: On Kartong beach with sea views
Rooms: 15 Bar & Restaurant 
Boboi is a clean little hiding-hole on the oceanfront in south west Gambia.
Coco Ocean Resort & Spa 5 Star
Location: On Bijilo beachfront with sea views
Rooms:  Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔ (throughout) Self-catering ✔
Coco Ocean is a luxury spa getaway and holiday retreat in a fenced complex, next to a coastal woodland, which slides down to the seafront. They have running hot water, a standby electrical generator, modern bathrooms, and much, much more.
Farakunku Lodges
Location: In Tujering, 2 km from the oceanfront
Rooms: 4 huts Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi Hotspot  ✔ Airport Transfers ✔
Get away from it all in an octagonal hut with a king-size 4 poster bed 2 kilometres from the beach on the outskirts of Tujering village. They have a jeep and taxi service to ferry you around and take you to the Atlantic Ocean seafront. They use solar power electricity and have running hot water.
Guesthouse Gambia
Location: 10 minutes walk to beach, Sanyang , 27km from Kololi
Rooms: 3 Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Self-catering ✔
  Airport Transfers ✔
This is a spacious haven in the countryside in a coastal district. It has large bedrooms, 2 with private bathroom. Bed & breakfast is part of the daily room rate. The guest house has solar power for electricity and a backup generator.
Halahin Lodge
Location: On the seafront of Kartong with ocean views
Rooms: Huts  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a simple refuge on the beachfront with no noise except for the lapping of the waves and the calls of wildlife.
Jinack Lodge
Location:  On Jinack Island beach, north west bank of river
Rooms: 4 huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
Jinack Lodge is a northwest coast island retreat, across the mouth of the River Gambia. The seafront is almost deserted aside from the infrequent passer-by or cow. They use solar power for lights and other essentials.
Kairoh Garden Guest House
Location: In Tanji, 2 km from the coast, Kombo South
Rooms: 18 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ Airport Transfers ✔
Kairoh provides a wonderful hideaway in the bush. NB: Their water is from a well and electricity is from PV cells.
Kasumay Lodge
Location: In Kubuneh
Rooms: 4  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔  
If you want to visit the Makasutu Culture Forest, but not pay for the relatively high room costs of the luxury, forest-based Mandina Lodges, then Kasumay might be right for you. They claim to have 24/7 running water and electricity supplies.
Kobokoto Lodge
Location: In Sanyang, 27km south of the main west coast resorts
Rooms: 20 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Stay in a large garden complex of 20 rooms spread out in huts and a main building with your own patio, private shower and flush toilet. Paradise Beach is about 15 minutes walk away. They have a backup generator.
Limbas Hotel
Location: In Fajara M Section, near seafront, 5 minutes
Rooms:  Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
  Airport Transfers ✔
This is a hideaway in a quiet residential area with good transport links and just a 5 minutes short walk to the coastal cliff front. Being on the Atlantic Road they have reliable utilities as well as a backup generator.
Mandina Lodges 5 star
Location:  Makasutu Culture Forest, Mandina River, 15 minites from Banjul Airport.
Rooms: 8 Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
Review: Mandina is a 5 star luxury escape in a virtually untouched wilderness surrounded by clean riverine eco-systems, palm forest, mangroves, hardwood trees and scrub savannah. Swim in amongst the trees, dine in a top-tier restaurant and sleep in the bush or by a tributary listening to the calls of the wild. There are specially tailored canoe excursions and foot treks, evening musical dance entertainment as well as a chance to see artisans at work and buy their handy-craft. Mandina uses solar to power the lights and for hot water.
Omakan Hotel
Location: In Sukuta, a little inland
Rooms: 13 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Review: Omakan is a boutique hotel escape, 20 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the bustling urban town of Serrekunda. Once inside you soon realise that the accommodation is truly a retreat, no need to get out and about if you don't want to. Relax and unwind in the large garden sanctuary or sunbathe on wooden deckchairs by the pool and take in the beauty of the place.
Sanyang Nature Camp
Location: In Sanyang bush
Rooms: 32  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
The camp is ideally suited for nature enthusiasts who can do some wildlife spotting and bird watchers as the area is teeming with bird species. The camp's water supply is from a borehole and the huts have an electricity supply.
Suleima Lodge
Location: Between Batokunku & Tujereng villages
Rooms: 1 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ In-house Cook ✔
Wi-Fi  Self-catering ✔
  Airport Transfers ✔
Take a sabbatical in near isolation except for the on-site staff. This property consists of just one double bedroom and all the mod cons. *Wheelchair accessible.
Tumani Tenda Camp
Location: Near Kafuta, well off the tourist beaten-track
Rooms: Huts  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is one of the closest you will get to a cultural retreat in the bush with cooking, cultural tours and Jola dance sessions.
White Horse Residence
Location: Almost on Batokunku beach, near Tujering
Rooms: 8 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ? Bar & Restaurant ✔
The very comfortable guest house is a deluxe hideaway with sea views and a limited number of other guests. Relax and enjoy the ocean views from the poolside while getting a massage or manicure.
Woulaba Garden Lodge
Location: Near Gunjur village, 10 minutes to the beach
Rooms: 5 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ Campsite ✔
Review: Woulaba, in Medina Salaam, is very humble accommodation with a double bed per bedroom. It's a good choice if you are on a tight budget and want a fairly decent getaway not too far from the coast. Drinking water is from a well so do bring along your own bottled water of a water filter / sterilization tablets.
Yuna Village Resort
Location: Well away from the beaches at at Yuna Village, inland
Rooms: - Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Yuna Resort is a hideaway with 12 bungalows of single and double rooms, each with ceiling fan, private shower / flushing WC, mosquito screens / nets and daily maid room cleaning service. NB: water and electricity supplies are restricted to certain hours of the day.

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