Packing List for Gambia - Travel Preparation (Printer Friendly Version)
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Anti-deep vein thrombosis flight socks
Bodycare and hygiene products, especially baby powder for heat rash
Boots for bush treks and safaris and denims or thick trousers
Combination luggage padlocks
Contact lens solution
Cover-ups / sarong
Electronic gadgets
Finance: credit / debit cards, traveler's cheques & money
Flashlight (compact)
Hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes
Hat with broad brim
Insect and mosquito repellent
Lip balm
Lightweight woollen jumper / jacket (December to February)
Medications: Analgesic painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, antihistamine for insect bites & stings, travelers' diarrhea treatment, prescriptions, metoclopramide or prochlorperazine for vomiting & nausea.
Neck wallet, waist bag or money belt
Needles and thread
Phone book with essential numbers in case of loss of mobile phone
Photo ID / Drivers' license
Plastic bags for waterproofing, dust covering & dirty clothes
Power adapter and/or converter
Short sleeve shirts, shorts, swimwear
Slippers / flip flops
Small backpack or cloth bag
Small first aid kit
Smartphone with camera
Some sunblock clothing for the beach
Surge protector socket strip
Waterproof sunscreen lotion or spray with minimum spf 30
Women's sanitary products
Travel documents: air ticket, passport, boarding pass
Travel insurance
UV sunglasses
Wear bulky jackets & other clothing when going to your departure airport.
Antifungal powder or cream for fungal skin infections & thrush
Antiseptics and disinfectants
Antispasmodic medicines to treat stomach cramps
Bath towel and washcloth
Bed sheets (at least 4)
Cold and flu tablets, nasal decongestant & throat lozenges
Collapsible hand fan using rechargeable batteries
Digital body thermometer
Disposable syringes in sterile packs
Extra underwear
Multi-use bar of soap for laundry & bathing
Nalgene bottles
Oral rehydration therapy
Pillow covers (at least 2)
Portable mosquito net
Raincoat if your stay is anytime between June to November
Rechargeable lantern / torch (windup or solar), solar battery charger
Scissors & tweezers (pack in suitcase)
Small umbrella
Small shortwave radio & personal music player
Spare mobile phone with solar charger
Tablet with internet connection via mobile phone companies
Tissue paper in small packs
You own eating and drinking utensils (cup, cutlery, plastic plate)
Water sterilization tablets, compact water filter
Wrinkle and dirt resistant clothing
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Note carefully:
Always seek the advice of your medical doctor before deciding to take or not to take any medications or health precautions.

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