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Food & Nutrition NGOs & Charities P.2

Africa Muslims Agency
Kanifing South, Western Region
AMA is a Banjul registered NGO which carries out charitable aid distribution of food to the poor, student sponsorships, shelter, water supplies & other development programs.
Institute for Social
Reformation & Action

Serrekunda, Sayerr Jobe Av., Kanifing Municipality
ISRA is a non-governmental organisation mainly focused on helping vulnerable street children in the form of nutritious food, clothing, basic education & life skills training.
International Call Organisation
Brusubi, Ksmd, Greater Banjul area, Western Region
ICO is an Islamic NGO charity & non-organisation giving humanitarian aid such as (rice, cooking oil, onions), digging water boreholes, shelter, drugs, building clinics.
Kombo East Tesito Association
Brikama Town
KETA is a Banjul registered NGO & self-help group working to improve member's quality of food, maintain stocks of cereals, find shelter & employment prospects.
Mennonite Educational &
Horticultural Development Associates

Mehda is a grassroots Christian mission charity in Pirang Village working in crop cultivation, nutrition, adult literacy, crop gardening, child education.
Opera Africa
Kanifing & Madina Salaam Village, Western Region
A UK charity working to improve agricultural productivity in order to provide more nutritious food to families and treat people with chronic health problems.
Sanna's Foundation
for the Needy

SFN is a registered, non-profit organisation that was founded to help disaster struck & socially disadvantaged individuals and families in deprived communities.
World Food Programme
3-4 Ecowas Avenue, Banjul capital
The WFP is a UN agency which has been running its emergency feeding program in Gambia since 1972 as well as rural development to help agricultural production.
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 Types of NGOs      
 NGOs - A to Z


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