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Rural Development Agencies, P2

Kutejumbulu 2BAB Foundation
Jinack Island, Niumi National Park
It aims to enhance islanders' child education & welfare, healthcare & build facilities, horticulture & provide micro-credit. All projects should be self-sustaining by 2016.
Mennonite Educational &
Horticultural Development

Pirang Village, Western Region
MEHDA mission is for food security, nursery education & a craft fair trade co-op for rural women of the village.
Methodist Mission Agricultural

Brikama, Nyambai, Sanyang Road
MMAP Gambia is engaged in diverse agricultural, horticultural & livestock rearing programs i.e. garden vegetable cultivation, agro-forestry, fruit preservation, establishing co-operative groups etc.
MyFarm Gambia StartUp
Sukuta, Coastal Road
Part of Africa Startup it promotes rural development, job creation & incomes via farming techniques, produce store, soap making, business training & children's courses.
Nova Scotia-Gambia

Kanifing South, Kanifing Municipality, Banjul area
The agency carries out sponsorship of students for higher education, health education, environmental sustainability & encouraging local leadership.
Peace Corps
Fajara M Section, Kairaba Avenue
This US government agency dispatches volunteers to rural areas of Gambia to promote awareness & give instruction in agriculture, engineering, environment, education, healthcare, HIV prevention.
People In Action
Lower Niumi district, Essau
PIA is a civil society organisation working in the Central River Region & North Bank to increase farming  output, tree planting, improve access to education, work with the disabled, sanitation & medical services.
Project Aid The Third World
Manjai Kunda, Banjul area
PATW is a civil society NGO whose goal is poverty eradication in Gambia via crop gardening, school construction, solar power, free dental work & building a nursery & public clinic.
Self-Reliant Development

Bundung Highway, Kanifing Municipality
SERDA is an agency that funds rural community projects such as poultry rearing, garden farms, nursery schools & training women in various skills.
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