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UK NGOs & Charities Working in Gambia

Action Aid Gambia
Greater Banjul area, Kanifing South, Ksmd
.....a UK charity organisation which began operating in The Gambia in 1979, and now works with 200,000 people. It supports the basic rights and needs of poor people, working.....
Africa Organics
Pipeline Road, Kanifing Municipality, Western Region
...England UK.....The Home Farm Project is an agricultural charity which was established with the purpose of assisting rural farming villages to produce sustainable, organic Permaculture crops,.......
Wiltshire & New Yundum, Kombo, Western Region
...helping to build a school in New Yundum, Gambia, for underprivileged children. It is regulated by the UK Charity Commission (No. 1132367)...
Anglican Mission
Development Ministries

Banjul capital, Marina Parade
.....aka AMDM is the development branch of the Anglican Diocese of Gambia. The diocese first began its operations in 1855 while the AMDM became a fully registered NGO in Banjul in 1991 though the church.....
Association for the Welfare
of Animals

Aberporth, Cardigan
AWAG is an animal charity which promotes better standards of care & relieves suffering via vet treatment & education.
Child Aid Gambia
Greater Banjul area, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
...Charitable Non-Profit Organisation established on the 10 April, 2011, based in the UK but working solely in The Gambia to alleviate poverty and suffering of children...
United Purpose
Fajara M Section, Kombo, Western Region international NGO which determined to meeting the basic requirements of remote and impoverished village communities, who by their very geographic locations are distant from most public amenities....
Darwin Initiative
Kombo North District, Abuko Nature Reserve
...a programme sponsored by the UK Government (DEFRA) with conserve the Earth's biodiversity by helping those nations that have wide biodiversity, but lack the financial capacity to adequately protect...
Fresh Start Foundation
Worcester, England & Brikama Misira at alleviating poverty. It works on a number of projects which range from education for orphans and the needy, health, rehabilitation of facilities, farming assistance, digging wells and other community assistance projects....
Friends of The Gambia

Morden, Surrey & Kotu Layout, Ksmd, Banjul area
...FoTGA is a humanitarian organisation whose main focus is on promoting education, alleviating poverty and supporting healthcare services....
Gambia Education & Teaching

Dover, Kent & Bakoteh Estate, near Serrekunda
The organisation GETS originated in the UK and is a fully registered education charity (No. 343/2011) in Gambia supporting teachers and students. (Donation & fundraising details.....
Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust
Ockley, Surrey & Sambel Kunda, Niamina District
...animal charity helping sick, malnourished and neglected draft animals.  The project was founded in 2002 by the late Stella Marsden...
Aberporth, Cardigan
GambiCats is an animal charity working for the better welfare of stray cats and dogs. They provide veterinary treatment, neutering & feeding for the malnourished.
Home For Children With
Learning Disabilities

Hart Foundation
...a fully registered NGO charity which was established in 2001 to offer short-term stays for kids with learning problems. Hart House also gives parents and care providers respite from caring for their children...
Humanity First
South Wimbledon, London & Latrikunda Sabiji
...humanitarian relief operations in 1995, delivering charitable donations and development projects in the fields of health, education and emergency food and medical aid to the poor, disadvantaged, refugees and disaster victims...
Inking About Africa
Stowmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom
...not-for-profit charity.......It was established in 2011 by Mark Hickie and Faye McSloy to raise funds to aid schools and children in The Gambia by recycling used ink cartridges, toners and old cell phones...
Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery

Kombo South & Cambridge, England
The institution is open to Muslim and Christian children from the ages of 3 to 7 years of age. It was established by the UK charity called the Lisa Kent Trust.
Muslim Hands
Nottingham UK &  Latrikunda, Western Region
...since 1993 helping to alleviate poverty among the poorest.......emergency aid and food supplies, local environment, potable water supplies, sponsoring the elderly and orphans.....
 Types of NGOs      
Organisations        NGOs - A to Z

Above you will find background information details on the list of various civil society organizations (CSOs), their contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the west coast region & up river districts areas, Kombo District of The Gambia, West Africa.

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