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Hip Hop Music in Gambia

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  Block Entertainment Studios Gambia Ltd.
Kairaba Avenue, Banjul area
The studio is equipped with the latest digital equipment such as mixers and computerised editing machines which records hip hop / rap,...

  Duplex Night Club
Seaview Plaza, Kololi, Banjul area performances give Duplex an underground feeling, while DJs play an diverse mix of high energy House, soul, techno, Ndaga, drum & Bass, hip-hop.

  Dancehall Masters
...formed in November 1998 as a hip-hop band with the aim of educating Gambia's youth about the important issues of the day. The members of the band are Brother Coms (Lamin Fatty), Daddy Sam (Mame Balla Diouf)...

  Energy Soundz
The aim of Energysoundz is to promote upcoming artist, entertain and provide mixtapes with the latest songs in R&B and hip hop.

  Holy Family Band
Finally in 2003, after so many hic-ups and false starts the Holy Family Band was born whose style would be a mixture of afro reggae and hip-hop soul music.

  Mohawk Entertainment
"I do nothing but hip hop, Iím a specialist" his style is specific but distinct, singing both in English and Wollof, Mohawk creates a synergy of West meets Africa.

Sun's of Light studios in Atlanta and he is back in the Gambia promoting it. This new album is more of Dance Hall, reggae and Raggatone; Hip hop

  Tottie's Nite Club
Senegambia Strip, Kololi
As you enter the road it is one of the first clubs you will notice on your left hand side with it overpowering decibels pumping reggae, hip hop...

  Da Fugitivz
The boy band Da Fugitivz (not Fugitives) are pioneers of the Gambian hip-hop scene and are one of the country's most successful rap groups ever. Its member's, who all come from the same Kairaba Avenue neighbourhood...



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