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Village Savings & Credit Programmes in Gambia - Page 2
  Kaur Visaca
Lower Saloum District, Central River Region (CRR)
A village savings & loans association (vsla) aimed at providing microfinancing for local initiatives.

  Village Savings & Credit Association
Latrikunda, West Coast Region
The VISACA is the official micro-finance organisation that represents the network of smaller financial institutions throughout the Gambia. The grassroots body was founded in 1988.

  Tujering Visaca
Kombo South, West Coast Region
A village savings & credit association in Gambia operating a micro-finance scheme aimed at providing soft loans at a low level of interest.

  Illiasa Visaca
Upper Baddibu
A rural savings & credit scheme run by the local community which takes in deposits and offers financing to people to engage in various enterprises.

  Demfai Visaca
Sami District
A voluntary community initiative with a micro-financing program aimed at creating self-sufficiency and reducing rural poverty by stimulating the local economy.

  Kata Mandinka Visaca
Saba Sanjali, North Bank Region
A (vsla) village savings & loans association in Gambia run by local professional staff.

  Panchang Visaca
Upper Saloum
A village-based 'banking' structure where group members visit regularly to save, and the collected funds are used to make loans to group members.

  Tuba Koto Visaca
Niani District
A village savings & loans project that provides credit for farming household borrowers and accepts amounts from savers.

  Nema Visaca
Kiang Central District
A local funding organisation which provides small money advances at low interest rates. Some of the profits are put back into the village to provide communal facilities.

  Fulladu Tabanani Visaca
Fulladu West
A vsla project which aims to enhance small business activities as well as agricultural production requirements.

  Kartong Visaca
Kombo South, West Coast Region
A local village micro-finance scheme focused on the needy which aims to lift the community out of poverty by giving soft loans to meet households economic requirement.

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