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Worldview International Foundation, Gambia (WIF)
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Contact Address Details:
Worldview International Foundation
Banjul area WIF Head office
49 Garba Jahumpa Road
Bakau New Town
PO Box 94, Banjul
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4496990
Fax:             4496042

Branches: 1

The Worldview International Foundation (WIF) was established in Banjul, Gambia, in 1991 as a registered NGO with 27 staff, of which 19 are working field staff.

Their main mission is to advocate for better environmental custodianship i.e. to minimise human activity which causes degradation of ecosystems such as bushfires, deforestation for crops and firewood and soil depletion.

WIF's main areas of intervention is partnering with community leaders and moving image illustrators in liaison with the Ministry of Forestry & The Environment to perform village surveys to evaluate local needs, promoting fuel-efficient cooking stoves, organise training seminars and workshops on agro-forestry and tree planting exercises, and family planning sensitisation. Occasionally students and teachers from outlying areas participate in tree planting schemes.

The foundation has created a seedling nursery in the North Bank Region for tree species such as cashew, eucalyptus, mango, julia-flora, guava, acacia and forest types. The NGO have also been advancing the establishment of coppices (woodlots) to reduce deforestation.

From 1993 Worldview has been working with the Ministry of Information & Communication Infrastructure and the Dutch on a TV training programme. It founded a Media Centre staffed by three people and a video-recording unit.

The Media Centre aims to create video programs in the fields of Environmental sanitation, population, empowerment of Gambian women and health.

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