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Flights to Banjul

Information Guide:
Scheduled & chartered flights to Banjul, West Africa, are approximately 6 hours from London and other EU airports and you are unlikely to get jet lag as Banjul time is GMT. A good time to fly is during the tourist season which runs from October - April when a lot of tour operators & travel agents have bulk booked seat allocations with the charter airlines and the weather is much more tolerable.

 United Kingdom:
The standard airline connections from the UK are charter airlines with all year direct & regular departures from the airports of London Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and during the tourist season includes Stansted, (Nottingham) East Midlands and Glasgow. The busiest time for most international charter flights to The Gambia from the UK operate over the winter holiday season in the months - November, December, January, February, March and April's spring break - so this is the best time to buy an Economy Class cheap deal for your flight.

The majority of European countries have direct flights to 1 or 2 West African airports, Dakar being the best choice, which can be used to make an onward transit connection to Banjul (Yundum) Airport. You can board from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Brussels airports.

Flying from the US usually involves scheduled airlines which often connect with the flights from Spain or Brussels. Another possibility, is to fly to Dakar in Senegal and then catching an Air Senegal south to Banjul.

Prices Guide:
On some charter flights all seats will have been pre-booked by the same tour company, therefore the prices of fares for these flights tend to be more costly than from other airports where there is more competition. Sometimes you get the best deal for Gambia by making a ticket reservation directly from the airline, and at other times the lowest prices can be found through an online travel agency.

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Banjul Airport Tax:
An airport tax is normally included in the cost of your air ticket for scheduled or charter.

Tourist Flights:
Airlines flying to Gambia from the UK are Monarch, Brussels Airlines, Thomas Cook, Royal Air Maroc, Condor, Gambia Bird Airlines, Thomson Airlines, Arik, Air Europa and Vueling.

Tour operators uses Brussels airlines 4 weekly connections from Copenhagen and Oslo via Belgium. From Norway you can now connect from 11 destinations in Norway.

North American Airlines (ceased operations).

See also airport for flight schedules to and from Banjul International Airport at Yundum.

Carbon Offset Schemes:
Over the past decade climate change has hit the headlines in a big way and increasing numbers of tourist are concerned about off-setting their carbon emissions from their return flights and to be more responsible travellers.

The way such schemes work is that you contribute a relatively small sum of money which is invested into schemes uses to for example plant trees or promote greater energy efficiency.

It has become increasingly difficult to work out which company is actually selling you your trip due to the various horizontal and vertical alliances, takeovers and mergers over the years. Consumer choice has been reduced for traveller's particularly in Europe as independent travel agents have been marginalised.

[The above information should not be relied upon to make any travel decisions. Seek advice from your travel agent, tour operator or the carrier concerned].

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