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Gamstar Life & Health Assurance Co. Gambia Ltd.
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Contact Address Details:
Gamstar Life and Health Assurance
Company Gambia Limited.
GLHACO Head Office
17 OAU Boulevard
Banjul capital
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 4226634, 422 5257
                    4225069, 422 6021



The life assurance company is a subsidiary of IGI Gamstar Gambia Limited. They collect premiums in exchange for providing life assurance cover to individuals and groups.

Life Assurance Policies:
Individual Life Cover
Term Assurance Policy

Universal Life Assurance Policy
Group Life
Group Life Assurance

Annuities and Secure Funds
Annuity Policy
Deferred Plan
Education Seed Plan
Lifelong plan
Senior Health Annuity plan

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