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Sunrise Centre, Gambia
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Contact Address Details:

Sunrise Centre
Bakoteh Estate
Banjul area
Near the old tipper garage
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 7055901



The center is near the SOS Children's Village campus.



The Sunrise Centre is a combined skills complex, nursery facility, lower basic school & serves as a community building for meetings & events. It  was initially constructed by SOS Children's Village & given to the Bakoteh community. After the signing of a MOU in 2010 with the Bakoteh Village Development Committee it gave permission for GETS to operate the now re-named Sunrise Centre.

Skills Training:
The facility opened its doors in 2011 as a skills centre for 15 to 18 year old Gambian youths teaching them math, English language, cookery, sewing, tie & dye.

The centre assists students to find work experience in hotels, tailoring workshops and restaurants as well as assisting teachers in their nursery. There are plans to extend their courses to include hairdressing and beauty, Information Technology, woodwork and plumbing.

These courses are targeted at young people who had, for various reasons, not completed their grade 9 schooling. The aim of the training is to give students some basic skills with which to get a job or engage in some kind of self-employment.

Nursery School:
There is also the Sunshine Nursery School for 4 to 7 year olds with places for nearly 50 pupils housed in two classes. The curriculum is drafted in the UK and grounded on the Gambia's Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum.

The teacher's salaries are consistent with the Government's pay scales guidance for teachers' pay.

Lower Basic School:
In January 2012 work began on constructing a Lower Basic School on the site for 6 to 7 year old local children. It consists of a 2 storey block with 2 classrooms, boys and girls WC, an administration office, library, staff quarters and health observation room. The Lower Basic building has been completed and Grade 1, 2 and 3 are using 3 of the six Lower Basic classrooms this September. Grade 4, 5 and 6 will be in use in following years as the present students move up through the school.

Supporting The Centre:
There are several ways to lend your support for the centre such as financial, material and skills.

The simplest way to give something while shopping is to log into the Easy Fundraising website while shopping online. The shop outlets donate a percentage of the cost of their goods or services to the school.

Another way is to simply use a search engine called Easy Search (having GETS as the search page). Then when you carry out a search of the internet a few pennies is donated to GETS who operate the Sunrise Centre.

Finally, you could always become a fundraiser or coordinator in your home country. You can also request for some of their leaflets which you can distribute to friends, family and work colleagues. Contact them above if you are interested.

Support a class
Pound for Pound your money goes further because instead of donating money to a single child you are donating to 25 individuals (cost 120 per year ). This goes towards helping to pay the teachers monthly wages. It also assists in purchasing new classroom materials, toys and equipment for the children.

If you are travelling to Gambia on holiday or business then you can even opt to physically take some equipment over to support the school. Contact them above if you are interested.

Support Projects at Sunrise
You can give financial support to proposed or ongoing projects such as building walls and office blocks, purchase desks and chairs, buy a colour laser printer, extra bricks for fence, notice board etc.

Material Support:
If you have any spare space in your baggage then you can pack things like large refuse sacks with handles, black pens, beads, crochet hooks, knitting needles, 7 watt screw energy saver light bulbs, kid's pencils, colouring books, embroidery threads & needles, tea towels, oven gloves, etc. Ask them for more details.

They have available opportunities for volunteers working in The Gambia. You can assist in office administration, general maintenance work, painting, be a classroom assistant.

Particularly sought after are teachers with experience working with teenage students. This is because they are aiming at registering the Skills Centre to award NVQ style qualifications. You can choose to work for whatever period though the longer the better. Please note you will receive no payment and you would be responsible for your own flight and lodgings. If you are interested then contact them for their volunteer documents.

Other Community Uses:
The complex also acts as a community centre and is regularly used for meetings and special events.

Non-Teaching Personnel:
There are 3 security staff controlling access to the buildings as well as cleaning staff and a gardener.

They administer, execute and oversee a number of educational projects in Gambia.

Chairman & Sunrise Project Director


Sponsorship Secretary & Nursery Advisor

Sunrise Centre Director

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