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Dr Shaka, the reggae music artist, was born in the dense urban area of Bakau, The Gambia, on October 12th 1977. He began his early formal education by going to the local primary school and from there progressed to the St. Augustine's High after being awarded a scholarship by the Queen's Trust Fund. Academically he performed at the top of his class and as a result was accelerated up by 2 years to join his seniors.

During his time at Saints he had the opportunity to try out various musical instruments and join a number of bands. At 14 years old he decided that his future career lay in music and so began to train with a purpose. As a result of his musical performances and interactions with the school band members he gained the nickname the 'Young Bob Marley'.

Dr. Shaka set up a band called Born Africans in 1999 in which he was the lead singer. The band rapidly acquired a name for themselves and soon became the most famous reggae group in The Gambia.

The bands debut album was titled 'Praises' and went straight to the top of the local chart and was awarded the 'Best Gambian Reggae Album' award.' On the July 31st, 1999  they were given an award for the 'Most Albums Sold'. However, a few years later Dr. Shaka decided to go Solo and flew to the UK to expand his musical prospects.

He has co-performed with some of the big names in international reggae such as Gregory Issac, Luke Dube, Ijahman, Antony B, Luciano and others.

He has worked at with the King's HiFi in Sussex.

He has also recently recorded songs with the Roots Garden label in Brighton including his new song “Good Vibes” and is also working on his third album “Rise With Us”.

No More War
• Rise With Us - 2007
Good Vibes


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