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Ministry of Forestry & the Environment (MOFEN)
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Contact Address Details:
Ministry of Environment Climate Change
& Natural Resources

Banjul capital office

5C Marina Parade
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 438 0028
Fax:              438 0023


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Background Information:
The Ministry of Forestry and the Environment (MOFEN) was created in 1976. Though it has a history in the Gambian forestry sector going back to just before 1939.

MOFEN is a governmental institution attached to the President. This forestry administration is in charge of any actions necessary to ensure the sustainable use and protection of all forests in Gambia excluding private plantations.

In addition, it shall be responsible for co-operating and liaising with national and international organizations and bodies all over the world on forestry matters in particular a national forest inventory which is supposed to take place every ten years. The MOFEN is also supposed to establish a management plan for each of the forest parks. [FOREST ACT, 1988]

• To maintain at least 30% of the total land area of the country under forest;

• To manage at least 75% of the forest lands according to scientific principles;

• To promote towards environmental protection, particularly soil erosion and soil desiccation; and

• To contribute to employment, the provision of basic necessities such as fuelwood supply and the generation of foreign earnings through the export of high quality forest products.

Statement and Roles:
The mission statement is summarized as follows:

The Forestry Department, a governmental institution attached to the President’s Office responsible for the conservation and development on rational basis, i.e. a sustainable utilization, of an adequate forest cover covering 30% of land area for the environment and socio-economic development of present and future generations.

The basic environmental, social, economical and political needs and problems.

The Forestry Ministry has a major role to play in answering basic social, economical and political questions.

• Forest policy periodically reviewed;

• Rationales of the policy understood;

• Ensure sufficient allocation of funds to the forestry sector;

• Implement a strategic plan;

• Global environmental concern addressed by the policy;

• Adequate legislation in place;

• Increase number of forestry personnel and trained staff;

• Adequate forest management planning and implementation;

• Proper supervision of forest activities;

• Forestry research;

• Contribute to proper replacement cost of forest produce;

• Periodical forest inventory;

• Reducing frequency and extent of bushfires through extension work;

• Contribute to land-use planning;

• Multiple use forestry promoted;

• Sustainable production and use of forest produce;

• Contribute to the promotion of an alternative source of energy.

The Forestry Ministry adopts the following approach: Forest and forestry development through creative leadership of the Department, wider public participation and rational utilization of forestry resources in Gambia.

Mandates are important to identify and clarify the nature and meaning of the imposed requirements from the Government, both formal and informal, affecting the Department. The mandate of the MOFEN includes the following:

• Enforcing the Forest Act and Regulations

• Promoting natural forest management in accordance to the Gambian Forest Management Concept

• Promoting community participation in forest development and management

• Promoting the development of plantations

• Educating the general public on the values of the forests

• Advising Government on forestry matters

• Institutionalizing forestry training


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