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King Marong has been performing professionally since the age of 12. Marong developed his talents in the coastal fishing village of Bakau where he was born and grew up exposed to griots and international musicians who were his mentors and role models. In his late teens he formed his band Kunta Kinteh and later toured in The Gambia, Senegal, Europe and the UK.

King Marong has built an international reputation as a master Gambian percussionist of many African drumming styles on instruments such as the Djembe, Boucarabou, Doundoun and Sabar, teaching percussion to students from around the world.

Since arriving in Australia, King has developed a reputation as being a versatile and dynamic performer. He has worked with local West African and Australian artists to introduce the complex and powerful drumming rhythms, melodic kora music and vivid dance style of his culture to Australia. His involvement in many collaborative projects has enabled him to work with both local and international musicians including energetic live percussive dance music with local DJ’s, to the sleek and sophisticated ‘afro-jazz-reggae-fusion’ of his band Super Afro Mandinko. For this project King has been collaborating with some of Melbourne’s premier musicians, playing and arranging the traditional songs of the Gambia with a contemporary feel. King has had a strong working relationship with the Boite World Music Café, contributing to the Melbourne Millennium Chorus at the Melbourne Concert Hall as a solo artist. King has also represented his culture on many occasions in performances around the state through his close work with Multi Cultural Arts Victoria.

Now a resident in Melbourne, King has taught percussion to students from the USA, Europe, Netherlands, Scandinavia, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ and Canada. He performs regularly at festivals, ceremonies, private celebrations, corporate functions and has been artist in residence at many government and private schools in Australia.

His band King Marong and Safara, formed in 2001, is an acoustic, percussion-based representation of the many traditional songs and dances performed for local Senegambian ceremonies in both the city and the villages. Safara incorporates vocals, djembe, sabar, doundoun, kora, dance, cow bell and shakers in a spiritually inspiring repertoire of dynamic tribal rhythms and visually stimulating dance routines specific to Senegal and The Gambia.

King Marong Safara Music School:
A cultural ambassador for Senegambia, King has created the Safara Music School in Melbourne where he teaches hand percussion and dance on various levels.

Telephone number:
+61 (02) 6689 7040




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