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Reliance Financial Services Gambia Co. Ltd.
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Contact Address Details:

Reliance Financial Services Company Gambia Ltd.
Banjul area

Head Office
46A Kairaba Avenue
Reliance Plaza Building
(near Elton Petrol Station)
Kanifing Municipal area (KSMD)
The Gambia, West Africa
Tel no:                     4390070
Fax:                         4390155


Reliance Financial Services Branches:
Albert Market Kiosk   7877561
Banjul Clarkson St.   7877560
Banjul Tobacco Road   7877569
Bansang   7877532
Barra Point   7877538
Basse Santa Su   7877530
Brikama Gamtel   7877553
Brikama Ba   7877531
Bundung   7877545
Farafenni   7877534
Kairaba Avenue   7877551
Lamin Village Kiosk   7877549
Latrikunda Sabiji Kiosk   7877548
Manjai Kunda   7877546
Old Yundum   7877547
Sanyang Village   7877540
Serrekunda Kiosk   7877541
Soma Town   7877539
Sukuta   7877542
Tallinding   7877610
Westfield Junction   7877536

Its kiosks are aimed at getting services to the customer and they are equipped with IT equipment and powered by solar.

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Personal Banking Services:
Entrepreneurial Accounts
Fixed Deposits
Children's Accounts
Personal Loans
Savings Accounts

Business Banking:
Business Savings Account for only D1000

Business Development Advisory Service.

Reliance provides Micro and Small and Medium Enterprise loans starting from D3000 up to D1.5 million for commercial purposes

Money Transfers:
As an agent of Western Union it began its forex transfer service on the 20th September, 2007.

Foreign Exchange:
RSF is licensed to buy and sell foreign currencies over the counter including traveller's cheques and receiving and sending telegraphic transfers.

Other Services:
Haj Plan:-
Minimum opening balance. The plan aims to offset the expenses of making the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Osusu Plan:-
Based on one of Africa's oldest savings schemes it allows for specially designed  deposit slips for the Osusu Club by which members can make individual deposits without visiting the house of the next cash recipient.

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Company Information:
Reliance Financial Services Co. Ltd. (RFS) is a greenfield, Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI), which was granted a full NBFI licence on the 11 December 2006 by the Central Bank of The Gambia. This allowed it to raise deposits and advancing credit loans to and from the general public.

It began its operations in February, 2007 and offered its first loan in the same month. This followed the soft launch to the public on the 19th December 2006. The firm, which employs 50 Gambians and has an equity capital of D30 million, was founded by Baboucarr Khan, Seedy A.B. Njie and Ismaila Faal who are all financial professionals.

The founders above as well as the following:-
The other private investors are 6 shareholders, ShoreCap International Ltd. of Chicago in the US and the Dutch based Triodos Doen International Fund Management. The last two are private equity investment firms that invest in small going concerns and microfinance banks based in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

Reliance Financial Services is founded on the basics of professionalism, good social / business ethics and transparency to all shareholders, customers and practices integrity and good corporate governance.


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