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SaHel Group Gambia Company Limited
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Contact Address Details:
Sahel Group Co. Gambia Ltd.
Banjul area Head office
Garba Jahumpa Road
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 449 7856
                    449 7950
Fax:             449 7951


Business Opening Hours:
Monday: Friday 8 am 4 pm
Friday: 8 am 1 pm

Sa Hel Invest Management International (SIMI) was incorporated in 1997 to provide consulting, and investment and financial management services. The firm also offers business  enterprise, and quality management training, as well as manage an investment fund, and a mutual fund.

The extensive variety of services offered by the company is made possible by a full-time core team of professionals, complemented by qualified associates. The main team has diverse backgrounds in various fields including economics and business management, enterprise development, agricultural and socio-economic development, financial management, investment and export promotion and management, agricultural engineering, and institutional aspects of energy and water resources management.

SIMI's consultancy services span a range of sectors such as feasibility and market studies, privatisation, impact assessment studies, capacity building, project design appraisal and management, as well as policy formulation and assessment.

Investment Management:
SIMI also provides a variety of investment management services through the Sa Hel Invest Mutual Fund (SIMF). The fund provides the means for individual and institutional investors to participate in the Gambian equity market, since a stock exchange does not exist in the country.

Project Financing:
The project financing services of SIMI are provided in partnership with local and international sources of funds and capital, for business development projects in The Gambia. Thus, SIMI serves as the antenna office of the Centre for Enterprise Development (CDE) of the European Union, and helps Gambian companies access EU funding for companies in ACP countries.

Business Enterprise Courses:
SIMI also provides business education programmes that are mainly focused on enterprise training. In particular, the enterprise training programme provides courses in such areas as customer care, and quality management.

Industrial Development:
Since its inception, SIMI has been actively involved in a number of industrial development projects in The Gambia. Such involvement varied from providing consultancy services such as feasibility and market studies, to helping secure project financing from local and international sources. For example, Sahel Investment was instrumental to the building of a water bottling plant in The Gambia, as well as the development of its first private industrial development zone, and its first Free Zone.

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