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Gambia Girl Guides Association
10 Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda, Banjul area
Gambia Good Seed Mission
Kiang East, Massembeh Village
GGSM goal is to enhance agricultural productivity, skills training, livestock rearing, distribute quality crop seeds & provide chances for schooling for kids.
Gambia Home Economics Association
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Old Jeshwang
GHEA operates a girls' skills centre teaching dressmaking, home management, math, cookery, nutrition, tie dye, hotel management etc.
Gambia Hotel Association
175 Coastal Road, Bijilo
The hoteliers organisation promoting its member's within the hospitality industry sector.
Gambia Islamic Union
Tallinding, Banjul area
GIU provides humanitarian aid and oversees a Koranic school for children who are taught up to university level.
Gambia Organisation For
The Visually Impaired

Kanifing South, MDI Road
GOVI is an NGO that is active in fundraising, skills training, rehabilitation in the community & advocates for the rights of children.
Gambia Press Union
Bakau New Town, 5 Garba Jahumpa Road
GPU represents journalists in the print & electronic media.
Gambian Physical Disability
Sports Association

Marina Parade, Banjul
The civil society organisation represents young people who go to the KMC training ground three times a week for sport and leisure.
Gambia Red Cross Society
53 Mamadi Manjang Highway, New Jeshwang
GRCS is a volunteer run NGO organisation providing humanitarian relief such as food, shelter & providing medical care.
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 Types of NGOs   


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