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Omega Church
Off Kairaba Avenue, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
ECG is an evangelical church.
Opera Africa
Kanifing & Madina Salaam Village
A UK charity working to improve agricultural productivity and treat people with chronic health problems.
Peace Corps
Fajara M Section, 78 Kairaba Avenue
US volunteers working in Gambian villages on various programs such as community development, agriculture, healthcare, engineering.
People In Action
Essau, Lower Niumi district
PIA works in education, agriculture, sanitation, well digging & the physically disabled.
Pro-Poor Advocacy Group
Bakau New Town, Garba Jahumpa Road
Pro-Pag works in various schemes at alleviating dire poverty among the most disadvantaged people in communities around the country.
Professional Beekeepers

Lamin Village
PBA encourages the standardised production and processing of pure honey from local villages. 
Project Aid The Third World
Manjai Kunda
PATW intervention areas are in population health, agriculture & education.
Public Health Research
& Development Centre

Kanifing Institutional Layout
CIAM carries out research into malaria, HIV/Aids and other diseases.
Rotary Club
Banjul & Fajara
RC is a charitable organisation of professionals who carry out fundraising for worthy causes.
Rural Support Organisation
For The Disabled

Manneh Kunda, URR
RSOD represents physically challenged people in the eastern half of The Gambia in the Upper River Region.
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 Types of NGOs  


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