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Standard Chartered House, Gambia

    Kairaba Avenue

  Fajara Chambers
16 Kairaba Avenue, Fajara practice whose clients include many overseas companies. It specialises in the telecommunications, real estate, banking and tourism fields....

2nd floor
The company has a modern storage facility at the Mandinari Fuel Storage Depot located on the Western Region...

  Patriot Insurance Brokers Gambia Co. Ltd
16 Kairaba Avenue, P.O. Box 1942, Banjul
They act as agents between the client looking for an insurance policy and the insurance companies themselves in order to get the best deal.

  Standard Chartered Bank
...started its banking operations in Gambia back in 1894 when it appointed Elder Dempster Company shipping line to be its agents...

  Kairaba Avenue 

Above you will find each firms'' basic information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region in West Africa.


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