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Village Savings Schemes in Gambia
  Darsilameh Visaca
Central River Region (CRR)
A Fulladu West based rural micro-finance scheme offering deposit facilities and loans to the local agrarian community.

  Kabakel Visaca
Kombo Central District
A microfinance institution set up for the benefit of its members.

  Village Savings & Credit Association
Latrikunda, West Coast Region
The VISACA is the official micro-finance organisation that represents the network of smaller financial institutions throughout the Gambia.

  Sutukonding Visaca
Wuli West District, Upper River Region (URR)
A self-sustaining micro-finance founded by the local people who also make cash deposits into their personal accounts.

  Bureng Visaca
Jarra East, Lower River Region
Village Savings & Credit Association
...issues soft loans for local business initiatives.

  Bakadaji Visaca
Jimara, Fulladu East District, Upper River Region (URR)
A Village Savings & Credit Association

  Boiram Visaca
Lower Fulladu West, Central River Region
A rural body which distributes small loans to local villagers to start-up local commercial operations and petty trading to help in the development of their local communities.

  Ahlulai Visaca
Fulladu East District, Central River Region (CRR)
A rural micro-finance lending and savings organisation.

  Wallalan Visaca
Upper Badibu District, North Bank Region
A Village Savings & Loans Association in Gambia

  Tambana Visaca
Jokadu, North Bank Region
A village microfinance lending and cash deposit organisation.

  Kuloro Visaca
Kombo East District, Western Region

  Berending Visaca
Kombo South District, Western River Region (WRR)
A Village Savings & Credit Association

  Panchang Visaca
Upper Saloum
....unit set up to promote financial independence  by allowing borrowers to take monies at preferentially low levels of interest.

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Village Savings & Credit Programmes

Above you will find each programs' contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region in West Africa.


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