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Lisa Kent Trust
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Contact Address Details:

Lisa Kent Trust
(A UK children's charity working in Gambia)
PO Box 1083
CB23 7WT

Tel no: +220 9805475
            +44   07803 123 023 (UK)


Lisa Kent Trust
Banjul area head office
Kanifing Municipality
Ksmd, Western Region
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 9805475

Lisa Kent Trust
UK charity commission number: 11 11 569




Education is the best, most important gift we can give children. It is the tool to open doors, to provide opportunities, to enable them to reach their potential. Every child deserves the chance.

But it’s not always that easy. For many children school is out of reach because families just can’t afford to send them. Without an education, the cycle of poverty and struggle will continue down the generations.
The Lisa Kent Trust was set up in 2003 to work with the Gambian people (it is a registered charity in both the Gambia and the U.K. with Trustees in both countries) to provide good quality schooling.

In the last ten years the Trust has made great strides and continues to develop and reach more children who otherwise cannot afford to go to school. The first achievement was building a nursery school of three classrooms for children aged three to seven. The official opening was attended by the local dignitaries – and, no less, the Head of the Gambian Early Childhood Development Department!

The school is now bursting at the seams with 90 children – and still there are faces at the windows of small people who would love to attend. The majority of the children are sponsored by people in the UK who undertake to support, through the Trust, a specific child throughout their education in Nursery School and beyond.

It is not a requirement in the Gambia for teachers to be qualified but the Trust feels that this is important in order to get the best possible education for the children. Therefore the Nursery School teachers have been funded by the Trust to undertake a three year teacher-training course which, amazingly, they have completed in their own time. The school is also special in that it has a water supply and electricity; although anyone who knows the Gambia will be aware that these can be somewhat spasmodic!

More recently the Trust managed to purchase a large plot of land in the “bush”. The rural area had no school for miles. It took some time but we now have a two storey school which can therefore be seen from quite a distance! It has been granted “Cycle” status, not commonly bestowed in the Gambia, which means it can take children from the age of 3 up to 16. So far we have five classes operating and are hoping to open the other three soon. Again, we want the best, qualified teachers; after all, it’s no less than the children deserve. The school also has a shower and toilet block and a huge playing field for the beloved football!

The reputation of the Trust built up through the Nursery School for advancing good quality education (including working closely with the Gambian Department of Education and introducing relevant ideas from more developed countries) means that families have relocated to the area in order that the children can attend the new school. What was a lone building in the bush is now surrounded by homes and livestock (rather than just the inevitable termite mounds!) and is becoming a real community.

Volunteering Work:
The Trust is funded purely by charitable means including donations, fundraising and the sponsorship programme. We also offer volunteering trips where people can come to the Gambia and be involved in the work in whatever way they wish (teaching, painting the schools, making resources, coaching sport etc.) The trips are tailor-made to include sightseeing and taking part in Gambian activities and culture – the real Gambia. But be warned: saying goodbye is very hard!

The Lisa Kent Trust has the means to give you the opportunity to change your life with our tailor made working party trips. Whether you are a Gap year or Sixth form student, want the most rewarding work experience/ working holiday or just want to be involved in one of the fastest growing charities in The Gambia and have a true insight into African culture then come experience the smiling coast, the warmth of the people, a world not revolving around material possessions, the opportunity to feel your work highly appreciated, be involved in the development of one of our school partnerships, helping the future of The Gambia gain the best start to their life.

No skills or qualifications are needed just an enthusiasm to make a difference!!

Each trip is tailor made to suit the individuals, with a variety of choices available from teaching, sports coaching, maintenance, gardening, building, health care, bird watching, fishing etc Trips vary from 1 week upwards.

Interested? Please get in touch email:

If you would like more information about the Trust, have any questions or would like to be involved in any way, please contact , or call our Gambian Administrator on 9805475 or UK Administrator on 07803 123 023.

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