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(GADHOH) Gambia Association of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
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Contact Address Details:
Gambia Association of the Deaf
& Hard of Hearing

Banjul area head office
PO Box 1518 Banjul
Plot 55, Kanifing Institutional Layout
Kanifing South, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4201166 (HQ)
Fax:             4202269


Regional Branches:
Banjul Capital




Soma Town


Near the Bakau Stadium


GADHOH (NGO no. A86) was founded in Banjul on the 21st April, 1992 under its former name Gambian Association of the Hearing Impaired. In order to be allowed membership of the World Federation of the Deaf  (WFD) the organisation had its name changed to its present one in 1994.

Their goal of GADHOH is to see the establishment of a society in which persons with hearing disabilities are treated as full members of the nation and are accorded their rights as citizens.

The Gambia Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has a number of initiatives on its roadmap towards reaching its goals.

Make provisions for nursery education for pre-school deaf children.

To reach out and offer counselling for deaf people as well as their families.

To increase the socio-economic capacity of 18 year olds & over through adult education in the method of sign language, health, literacy, citizenship, HIV/Aids sensitization workshops, numeracy etc.

The training of suitable candidates to become teachers of sign language & literacy programs. The training of Sign Language Interpreters and the setting up of an interpreter service.

The ongoing development of a job finding service to aid deaf people find employment and to set up job creation schemes and to be on hand to offer support to co-workers and employers alike.

To stimulate interest and encourage the participation of the deaf community in the work of the association to keep it democratic and strengthened.

Deaf awareness workshops & seminars for the general public as well as interested organisations and groups.

To collaborate and join in partnership with other NGOs, Government agencies and beneficial partners to work towards rapid progress towards their objectives.

To further develop the Gambian Sign Language (GSL). It was created by GADHOH utilizing knowledge of the native sign language and has its own distinctive grammar. They also produce a number of sign language books & a dictionary.

Providing practical skills training and education for young deaf women.

Providing training opportunities for parents of deaf children, especially in respect of learning skills in sign language for better communication with their offspring. The same service is available for work colleagues and employers.

The development of local branches nationwide.

Continued development of the organisation to increase its effectiveness and its efficient use of its limited resources.

The setting up of clubs for the deaf around The Gambia.

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