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Gambia Organisation For The Visually Impaired (GOVI)
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Contact Address Details:
Gambia Organisation For
The Visually Impaired

Banjul area Head office
MDI Road
Kanifing South, Ksmd
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4377797
                    9997746 / 9812080
                    7035351 / 6223496
Fax:             4378661


Box Bar Road
Tel:  422 7001
Fax: 422 4131

Opposite the Management Development Institute in Kanifing South.


GOVI is a registered non-governmental organisation which was founded in Banjul in 1991 after a merger between The Gambia Society for the Blind and The Gambia Association of the Blind. Its main focus is on school education, prevention of blindness, the treatment of people with eye impairments and advocacy for people with limited or no vision to equal rights and opportunities in all areas of social and economic life.

GOVI is a national institution which works with related institutions, families and communities to enhance the welfare of people with visual impairments and blindness.

Activities & Programmes:
Both adults and children as well as families can take part in the following schemes & activities.

Fundraising activities.

Hardship relief & emergency aid.

Livelihood skills training & employment assistance.

Local branch development.

Reduce preventable blindness.

Rehabilitation within the community.

Rights advocacy & child protection.

GOVI School:
The GOVI Resource Centre in Kanifing South is currently the only special needs school for blind children in The Gambia.

Pupils attend free from nursery school age of 3 up to between Grade 1 to 4 of primary school for weekday teaching lessons. After mastering Braille and graduation they are then assimilated into the mainstream community education system to finish their higher level schooling.

The school is supported by international donors who provide educational materials such as Braille paper / machines, talking books, IT equipment, stationery, recording equipment etc. They also finance essential teacher training as well as sponsor some of the children with uniforms, allowances etc. Among these sponsors are the formally named Friends of Govi in the UK, SENSIS International in Holland and Muslim Aid (UK) among others.

Individuals also assist the GOVI Resource Centre through local sponsorship, providing school meals in the morning and at lunchtime.

The central government gives its support through employing teachers for the school as well as overseeing and evaluating education standards and puts in place vehicles to meet the travelling requirements of children from their home residence to the campus.

Students are enrolled upon satisfactorily meeting the requirements of the GOVI Resource Centre which is to produce a medical report from the relevant education authorities that meet their standard to qualify for admittance.

Classroom Lessons
Most of the teaching that takes place is in Braille which is introduced early on after they have commenced attending classes.

Orientation & Daily Life Skills
Children are taught skills in ADLs or Activities of Daily Living which is intended to give them greater independence at home and in public life. Some of these practical lessons includes putting on clothing, preparing and cooking food, eating, washing their bodies, using the toilet and general personal hygiene.

One of the first things they learn is O&M or the Orientation and Mobility Training which is intended to make the children aware of the school spaces, walkways, buildings and classrooms so they can safely and independently move around within the school grounds.

Livelihood Training
Arts and crafts are taught such as rug weaving, horticulture, basket making, music etc. These subjects are incorporated into lessons which also feature the National Curriculum covering core lessons such as Integrated Studies, math, history, English language etc.

After the children have finished Grade 4 they are provided with audio recorders, Braille typing machines, paper and other essential learning materials required.

They are then taken into the Gambia Government backed scheme called the Integrated Education Programme (IEP) which supervises blind and visually impaired children with the assistance of mobile specialist teachers.

GOVI Partners / Membership in & Outside The Gambia.
Africa Union for the Blind (AFUB) - member.

Children in Crossfire (UK) - early childcare & development.

Force Foundation - Capacity building through training.

Friends of GOVI UK (re-named Friends of Visually Impaired Children in the Gambia) Supports the GOVI School and have been long term supporters for many years.

Gambia Federation of the Disabled.

Government of The Republic of The Gambia.

Muslim Aid UK - long-term supporter of GOVI projects.

Perkis School for the Blind (Watertown, Massachusetts, USA).

Sight Savers International.

TANGO- The Association of Non Government Organisations - member.

Visio International (SENSIS) Netherlands (capacity building).

VSO - provides volunteers from the UK giving technical advice. / capacity building.

World Blind Union.

Fatou Mbaye Memorial Hall:
It operates a facility which is open for hire for various functions & meetings.

Ceremonies (awards, weddings)


Seminars & Workshops

Study Lectures

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