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Gambian Lawyers, Practice Areas
Attorneys in Banjul who are specialists in dispute resolution settlement, negotiation, & mediation services.

Includes legal services for financial institutions.

  Business & Commercial
Lawyers handling various facets of business law such as company formation, social security payments, stock holder's tax liability, recovery of bad debts etc.

  Child Custody
Includes adoption cases, court proceedings in Banjul and divorce settlement.

  Civil Litigation
Court representation and advocacy for private individuals, companies and sole proprietorships as well as advice on how to settle or steer possible disputes

Services includes the transfer of legal title deeds of property from one individual to another for land or house sales and purchases in The Gambia.

  Criminal Defence
Banjul based public defender attorneys for individuals & companies in the high court & magistrate including defence & appeals.

  Family & Divorce
Includes providing documentation for the dissolution of a marriage, separation, as well as wardship and adoption cases in Banjul.

  Human Rights
Attorneys handling people's universally recognised rights as citizens.

  Immigration & Nationality
Advice and assistance on entry visa issues, residency permits, employment, citizenship laws.

  Intellectual Property
IP rights, registration of trademarks and patents.

Lawyers who are bale to give an advisory on the shipping laws of the Gambia in relation to sea going vessels, contracts, & goods in relation to the Port of Banjul & international sea ports.

  Notary Services
Deals with deeds, powers-of-attorney and administers oaths, accepts statutory declarations, affidavits, witness authentication & the execution of certain of documents.

  Wills & Probate
Covers the administration of estates, inheritance disputes & taxation, equitable release mortgage and other related issues.

  Legal Practitioners   Barristers   Solicitors

Above is each firms' basic information, contact address, telephone number, email, some faxes & locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region of The Gambia, West Africa.

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