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Brief Review of Restaurants in Gambia
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Europeans who visit The Gambia will be very well aware that even their smallest home towns will boast at least fifty to a hundred eating houses of which perhaps ten will be of excellent standard.

In the tourist area of The Gambia there are well over over 1,000 restaurants and bars offering a variety of food styles.

For instance you might try "Memories" (Malay/Thai): "Al Amir" (Lebanese): "Flamingo" (International): "Mama’s" (Swiss/African): or "Antonico" (Surinam).

Of course, as in any developing country, some establishments should be approached with trepidation. But a restaurant dedicated to bubonic or salmonella tainted food is usually quite easy to identify.

Every evening of your visit to The Gambia can be a gastronomic delight, a sybaritic feast of fascinating dishes of such novelty and invention, served in pleasant and friendly surroundings, and staying in the memory long after you have flown back home, (sun-tanned, and perhaps a few kilos overweight!).

As entry to this plethora of gourmandise, the proprietor of "The Clay Oven", Vimal, which is probably the best Indian restaurant in Africa.

He declares that any good meal has three elements: anticipation, consumption, and remembrance.

Food writer: Harmattan




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