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Cityscape Associates Gambia Ltd.
Banjul area head office / Website: 
61 Kairaba Avenue
(Pipeline Road), Fajara M Section
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4395655
Mob:             9974880
Fax no:         4395598


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Cityscape Associates (Division of the M . S . Gaye Group Limited) is a well established architectural and civil engineering firm in the Gambia, executing a wide range of studies and projects.

Specifically, the following services are on offer:-

• Architecture

• Civil Engineering Design & Construction

• Estate Valuation

• Feasibility and Environmental Impact Studies for Development Projects

• Land & Engineering Surveying

• Land-use Analysis

• Property Development & Management

• Quantity Surveying

• Training Services in any of the above listed professional areas

• Urban & Regional Planning

Cityscape Gambia Ltd has been involved in a number of major public works projects working with the NEA, Gamworks, RRI Beller GmbH Consulting Engineers (Germany).

Principal Surveyor:
Mr. M S Gaye was until December 1997 the Principal Surveyor at the Department of Lands and Surveys under the State Department for Local Government and Lands.

He has had many years post qualification experience and attained Chartered Status in 1992, qualifying as a professional Associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. He practiced as a Chartered Surveyor with Iffland and Associates in the United Kingdom before his return to the Gambia in 1995. Mr. Gaye was elected a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1994. Some of the activities listed in his records of qualifying experience are as follows:-

Jan 1998 to Present
- Principal Partner, Cityscape Associates
- Chairman Of The National Survey Board
- Professional Valuer - Standard Chartered Bank (G) Ltd

April 1995 to Dec 1997 (Principal Surveyor, Department of Lands & Surveys)

• Carried out the review and revision of all the standard application forms for Lease, Mortgage, Assignment etc to simplify them and bring them into line with the provisions of the state Lands Act and new administrative arrangements at the State Department for Local Government and Lands.

• Was responsible for the final checking of all cadastral and thematic surveys and for the approval of all Lease plans.

• Supervised the establishment and survey of the horizontal control points of the Brusubi Layout (now being implemented) and the detailing of all existing properties within the project site.

• Supervised the survey of the Kartong Sand Mining area, initially required for the development of a mining management plan. Also supervised the survey of mined areas to monitor the depth of excavations viz-a-viz the ground water levels.

• Was secretary to the Land Survey Board appointed by the Secretary of State for Local Government and Lands, which is tasked with implementing the provisions of the Survey Act and Regulations and the licensing of Private Surveyors.

• Supervised the survey and demarcation of Tanji Bird Reserve for the Department of Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

• Was Secretary to the monitoring committee under the then Ministry for Local Government and Lands for the construction of the Bundung Tallinding Multi-purpose Recreational Park.

• Reviewed the Minerals and Mining Act of The Gambia for the Department of Lands and Surveys, with particular attention to the problems of overlapping/conflicting legislation viz-a-viz the State Lands Act and the Lands Provinces Act Cap 103.

• Was Chairman of the Spatial Task Force Set up at the National Environment Agency under the programme for the development of an Environmental Information System (EIS) in The Gambia.

• Supervised the preparation of a working master plan to facilitate the conduct of street naming exercises by the Kanifing Municipal Council.

• Supervised the Topographic/Engineering Survey of the Banjul Cemetry Coastal Area, required to be used as a basis for coastal protection Civil Engineering interventions.

• Drew up the terms of reference for the conduct of the Bafuloto Quarry Survey, required for the development of a Management Plan to guide gravel excavations.

• Developed a mapping project proposal for funding by the Government of Japan aimed at densifying and extending the National Trigonometric Control Network and at providing accurate and up-to-date map Information at sufficiently large scale for all the major growth centres of the country.

• Was the desk officer for most issues pertaining to environmental management including the programme for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and the Gambian Environmental Action Plan (GEAP). In the case of the former, was a member of the EIA working group and actively participated in the development of the EIA Procedures and Guidelines. In the case of the latter, was responsible for the collection/collation of the Land Use Planning indicators of the GEAP.

• Was the Defacto Counterpart to three separate Netherlands Management Corporation Programme (NMCP) consultancies for the Department of Lands and Surveys. These were with respect to :-

- The computerisation of Land and Property Records.

- Institutional Capacity Building.

- The introduction of Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

· Developed the terms of reference for the computerization of the Department’s operations including the setting up of a Land Related Information Centre (LRIC) to satisfy the overall information requirements for efficient Land Administration.

• Played an active and crucial role in the running of the Department, particularly in the areas of policy affecting staff recruitment, training, acquisition of equipment and transport management.

1989 - 1995 (Chartered Surveyor (1992), Iffland & Associates, UK)

A synopsis of his professional activities with Iffland & Associates is as follows:-

• Topographical Surveys for Architectural planning and Design, and natural resource planning, exploration and exploitation.

• Building Surveys (including elevations and sections).

• Engineering setting out, checking and structural surveys with respect to road, bridge, harbour and building construction.

· Monitoring/Deformation surveys of buildings, bridges, Sea Defences and Land Subsidence areas for relative and absolute movement.

Provision of Trigonometric control for photogrammetric mapping.

• Radiodetection and location of underground services, service depth estimation and setting out of drainage works.

• Site investigations and assessments as part of a multi-disciplinary team in feasibility studies for land reclamation, urban regeneration, coastal protection and other development projects.

• Repair diagnosis, cost estimation and the monitoring of improvement works for quality and cost control.

• Computer assisted collection/processing of data relating to the above activities.

• Technical Drawing and report writing in respect of the above activities.

1988-1989 (Senior Surveyor, Department of Lands & Surveys)

• Prepared the Justification for the introduction of new legislation for surveying and mapping in The Gambia, including the introduction of a well regulated Private Sector. Working with the GTZ experts at the then Ministry for Local Government and Lands, He played an active role in the development of suitable legislation to govern land administration in The Gambia.

• Carried out the survey and demarcation of the Kotu South Layout.

1983-1984 (Senior Assistant Surveyor, Department of Surveys)

• Carried out the survey and demarcation of the Navigation Aid site at Kuloro for the Department of Civil Aviation, required to be precisely aligned with the 3.6km long runway centre-line and directly underneath the flight-path of incoming and outgoing Aircraft.

• Carried out the survey and demarcation of the Kotu West Layout

• Actively participated in the provision of both horizontal and vertical control for the 1:1250 mapping of the major growth centres of the Gambia, under the Urban Management Development Project (UMDP). This was an urban photogrammetric mapping project carried out by the Department of Surveys of the Gambia in collaboration with J.A. Storey and Partners of the United Kingdom.


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