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European Commission in Gambia
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Contact Address Details:
Gambia - EC Program
Banjul Head Office

74 Atlantic Road (Boulevard)
PO Box 512, Banjul
Fajara M Section
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 4497847
                    4229244 (Banjul)

Fax: 4225077 or 4497848

EC Delegation in the Gambia,
74 Atlantic Boulevard

NAO System Support Unit
1-3 Liberation Avenue
NTC Complex
PMB 125

The EU Commission is the European Union's official diplomatic corps' permanent mission representative body Gambia.

Mission Opening Hours:


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Background Information:
Gambia - EC Cooperation Program:-
The European Commission gives assistance to the Gambia's Poverty Alleviation Strategy Part 2, the private sector's growth plan as stipulated in Vision 2020 and mid term framework, & schemes related to trade promotion and investment sectors.

The European Commissionís cooperation aims for the country have been designed in response to the Gambia Government development policies & in discussion with government & non-governmental organisations.

The goal of such cooperation is ultimately to encourage democracy, economic responsibility in the public sector, good governance, the creation of efficient rural and local government bodies, encourage awareness of democracy in civilian life and the establishment of alliances for the socio-economic development between the private and public sectors of The Gambia.
In accordance with EC Rural Development Policy and added to by local institutional know-how and expertise, the EC has identified areas for development in support to Local Government methods and producer associations as primary areas for sustainable rural development such as in the supply of rural water and the rehabilitation of rural economic structures.

EC assistance in such infrastructure is grant-in-aid which means that such assistance can help with major public works and not add to the load on the Gambia's national debt burden.

Private Initiatives:
In line with with EU policy, non-focal interventions put forward for economic development are focused around private sector investment and development. In addition, the European Commission can assist private sector ideas through agreements with specialised agencies and with investments from the European Investment Bank.

Public Initiatives:
Assistance to the social sector, in accordance with the poverty reduction process and EU policy, will support greater opportunities for education, with a specific focus on education for girls and occupational training for teenagers.

Democratic Initiatives:
The EC has encouraged and assisted in The Gambia's democratic and electoral processes in the Gambia and assisted in conflict resolution. In this area, it has built up good relations all parts of society.

Based on this relationship the EC is in an ideal position to use resources to empower civil organisations, encourage their participation in monitoring progress under the Cotonou Agreement (signed by Gambia on 23rd June, 2000) and assist in the formation of a Civil Society Forum.

Government Liaison:
The Permanent Secretary at the Gambia Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs, is the official NAO  (National Authorising Officer). He / she is supported by a team allowing The Gambia as a member of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries, to take part as an effective partner in ACP-European Commission Co-operation.

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