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Vitalia Academy Gambia Co. Ltd.
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  Contact Address Details:
 Vitalia Health Spa

Banjul area, Fajara M Section
P.O. Box 2676 Bakau
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4497305
Mob:             9900564 / 9927530



Vitalia Co. Ltd. is a body wellness centre which offers physical treatments in selected Gambian hotels, such as massage sessions, reflexology, holistic healing, beauty therapy, self-development, health education, Kundalini Yoga classes and natural remedies.

They have a Wellness and Health Centre located within Kairaba Hotel and at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul and Sunbeach in Cape Point.

Massages Offered:
Aloe Massage
Flower Remedy Massage
Dorn Breuss Treatment

They also offer a selection of slimming and body toning programmes which includes Meridian Diagnosis, weight measurements, fat burning wrap, Pranic healing and a honey masseur to smooth away cellulite.

Yoga Classes:
Vitalia Health Spa also claim that the benefits for their Nei Gong and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Yoga include anti-ageing, better body balance, more flexible joints, an increase in muscle strength, improved libido and weight reduction.

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