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Gambian Desserts - Chakery & Lah

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Chakery is a pudding made from couscous bathed in a sweet mix preparation.

Cooking Ingredients:
1 cup of unsweetened evaporated milk

2 cups of plain unsweetened yogurt

1 cup of sour cream

Cup of chopped unsweetened pineapples or other fruit

Pinch of nutmeg (optional)

Vanilla extract (couple of drops for flavouring)

Couscous (instant) or cook it yourself

Sugar to taste

Preparation Method:
• Mix all the ingredients, except the couscous, to make the sweet mix.

• Cook the couscous separately in water. Instant couscous soaked in water will suffice.

• Pour the sweet mix onto the couscous.


This dessert is a kind of sweetened porridge mix made from the fruits of the baobab tree, millet couscous and peanut butter.

Cooking Ingredients:
1 cup of smooth, unsweetened peanut butter

2 tablespoons of butter

4 cups of baobab fruit

2 cups millet couscous

1 drop of orange essence (optional)

Sugar to taste

1 pinch of nutmeg

1/2 cup of raisins

3 drops of vanilla essence

Preparation Method:
• Soak the baobab fruit in a bowl of warm water and leave for several hours.

• Separate the fruit pulp from the seeds by hand. Strain and remove the seeds.

• Cook the couscous or use instant couscous. Add butter and mix then put in the fridge once cool.

• Mix the baobab juice and peanut butter in equal parts. Add all the other ingredients, except the couscous, and stir well. Place in the fridge until cool.

• When ready to serve mix the sauce and couscous and add sugar to taste.

• You can substitute the baobab fruit for some other kind of unsweetened fruit juice.
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