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Food Bowls in Gambia

  Sankung Sillah & Sons Ltd.
Kanifing Industrial Estate, Banjul
...manufacturing plastic products such as PVC plumbing,  polythene tubes,...and bowls.

  Arts & Crafts
...not only baskets but hand fans, table mats, lampshades, fruit bowls and a variety of other household objects....carvings that have more domestic uses such as mortars and pestles, combs, djembe drums, salad bowls...

  Boule and Company Ltd.
Kokoto Souvenir Shop:...
Dolls, Napkin Rings, Sticks, Scapstone Plates, Makonde Family Trees, Chess Sets, Bowls,...

  Communal Eating
The Food Bowl:
Refers to the large bowl of food shared by Gambians at meal times (usually at lunchtime), accompanied by a set of table manners....

  Food Etiquette
As an honoured guest you may sometimes be given your own bowl or plate of food to eat depending on the circumstances....

   Household Goods    Utensils


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