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Boule & Company Gambia Ltd.
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Contact Address Details:
Boule and Company Ltd.
Head Office
Boule & Co. Limited Group
3 / 4 Liberation Avenue
The NTC Complex
P.O. Box 602
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa

Tel: +220 4228818, 4228395
                4228323, 4227746
Fax: +220 4226694

Branches on the Senegambia Strip in Kololi
Duty Free Shop:
With the completion of the new Banjul International Airport in 1997, The Gambia now has a modern airport with facilities of the highest standard. Restaurants and bars, a first class lounge, banking facilities and a business centre all can be found within the airport. In the airport departure lounge, the Duty-Free shop offers you a choice selection of goods and products.

You can purchase all your duty free goods such as electronic items (walkmans, Discmans, radios), perfumes, alcohol, jewellery, watches, children's items, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and T-shirts.

At the NTC Duty Free shop, offer products 23% cheaper than other duty free shops worldwide. Browse around the NTC Duty Free shop while you wait to leave the smiling coast of West Africa.

Kokoto Souvenir Shop:
The shop located on the Kololi's Senegambia strip has a large range of souvenirs. It covers every ethnic group within the region and it claims to be at affordable price! Here is a taste of what to expect: Dolls, Napkin Rings, Sticks, Scapstone Plates, Makonde Family Trees, Chess Sets, Bowls, Clovers, Wooden Carvings and lots more.

Perhaps the most prolific indicator of the volume of merchandise and commodities available at any one time, is the total floor area of warehouse that is owned by Boule & Co.

The total number of floor space available includes one of the largest warehouses in the sub-region. These giant stores have a multi-purpose use.

Apart from being used as normal stores, they are also used as Bonded warehouses for re-export of goods to the sub-region. It is to be noted that The Gambia is now recognised as the supermarket of West Africa, (the Gateway to the sub-region).

The holdings also operate Atlas Travel, Londongate Insurance, Marbel, NTC Limited, Sofib.

Boule & Company Ltd, based in Gambia, was established in 1976 as a merchandise and general trading enterprise.

Its origins could however be traced to a long family lineage of business activities in import and export, dating back to the early 1960s.

Boule & Company's Chief Executive, Mr. Charbel N. Elhajj, is the majority shareholder who successfully acquired the family business and diversified its activities to include hotel ownership and management, financial services, duty-free shops, warehousing, etc. As a result of this successful diversification and recognising the need for efficiency and economy as basic prerequisites for quality service and profit maximisation, Boule & Company Ltd. was restructured into a holding company, with a cluster of subsidiaries each, specialising in its particular area of entrepreneurship.

Boule Financial Services:
Located in Kololi, Kotu, Kairaba Avenue and Cape Point, The Gambia, Boule Financial Services is a specialized currency exchange service.

They welcome tourists visiting the country and local residents living in The Gambia; whether your currency exchange transaction is small or large.

Rate changes: Their objective is to provide the best exchange rates in The Gambia. To increase their competitiveness they are constantly updating their rates at which they buy and sell currencies.

Financial Services:
Their principal business is the purchase and sale of foreign currencies. They regularly have on hand the money of more than 10 countries and can usually obtain a number of others on short notice. They are prepared to buy the currencies of most countries, subject to market conditions. Whether buying or selling, they endeavour to do so at the best rates available in the region, and they do not have any charges in connection with purchases or sales of cash/cheques.

Boule accept payment in cash, by travellers' cheque, certified cheque, bank draft and bank transfers.

Please let them know if you would like to order in advance a particular sum of foreign money. This way you can be certain that the currency you need, will be available when you travel. There is no charge for this service, but they may ask for a deposit if the currency is a less-common one or if the amount is large. Likewise, if you wish to sell a less-common currency or a large amount, they can provide a faster service if you call us in advance.

Cape Point located at St. Mary's Food and Wine Supermarket, Tel: +220 495245

Kairaba Avenue located at St. Mary's Food and Wine Supermarket, Tel: +220 372888

Kololi Branch (50 metres away from the Senegambia Beach Hotel), Tel: +220 460137

Kotu Branch 1 (10 metres away from the Novotel - Kombo Beach), Tel: +220 462226

Kotu Branch 2 (20 metres away from the Palma Rima Hotel)

Since they are obliged by law to obtain particulars of your identity and residence in connection with any cheque or credit card transaction; they will ask to see a government-issued identity document which bears your photograph (for example a passport, identification card, driver's licence, or similar document). Upon completing a transaction, please ask for your receipt.

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