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Confectionery, Gambia
  K. Chellarams Gambia Ltd.
Kanifing Industrial Estate, Banjul
Import Product Range:  Confectionary Personal Care Household Chemicals Bicycles...

  St. Mary's Food & Wine
Kairaba Avenue, Kololi, Kotu
St. Mary's Food and Wine Supermarkets is Gambia's largest chain run by Willmon Company Limited was established in 1995.....Chocolates Confectionary Household Wares...

  Maroun's Supermarket
Kololi, Bertil Harding Highway, Banjul area
Samples of Imported Supermarket Brands & Products in Gambia:-.....Airwave black mints, Cadbury Flake, Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Rolo, Kit Kat, Twix, Bounty, Halls Menthol, Fisherman's Friend & Menthodex Lozenges, Orbit, Big Red & Extra chewing gum, Snickers chocolate bar, Tayas Hamlet Chocolate & Confectionery, Tic Tac Mints and Wrigley's Juicy Fruit & Spearmint chewing gum...

  Moukhtara Holding Company Ltd.
10 Moukhtara Street, Kanifing Industrial Estate
Nachif has been operating since 1976 the division has almost 30 workers producing Black Mints, Battura Mint, Supermint and Zebra Ginger.

  Xpress Supermarket Ltd.
...beverages, wines & spirits, cosmetics, health products, juices, fizzy drinks, toiletries, dusters, insect repellents, (fromage) cheese, mineral water, bleach, confectionary,...



Above you will find each company's background information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region of, West Africa.


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