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  Lebanese Honorary Consulate
26 Ecowas Avenue, Banjul
The Government of Lebanon's official diplomatic representative emissary.

  Liberian Consulate
Banjul capital
The Liberian Consulate is the Government of Liberia's officially accredited diplomatic representative in Banjul.

  Libyan Embassy
Independence. Drive, Banjul
The Libyan Embassy is the Government of Libya's accredited  diplomatic permanent mission to The Gambia.

  Malian Consulate
Rev. William Cole Street, Banjul
The Malian Consulate is the Government of Mali's officially appointed diplomatic corps' representative body in Banjul.

  Mauritanian Embassy
Fajara 'A' Section
The Mauritanian Embassy is the Government of Mauritania's accredited diplomatic permanent mission to The  Gambia.

  Netherlands Consulate
Kombo Coastal Road, Kololi
The Dutch Honorary Consulate is the Government of the Netherlands' officially appointed representative body to Banjul.

  Nigerian High Commission
New Town Road, Bakau
The High Commission of Nigeria is the Government of Nigeria's accredited diplomatic permanent mission in Banjul.

  Norwegian Consulate
Bakau, Mamakoto Road
The Honorary Consulate of Norway is the Government of Norway's appointed diplomatic representative body in Greater Banjul.

  Pakistan Honorary Consulate
Picton Street, Banjul
The Honorary Consulate of Pakistan is the Government of Pakistan's officially appointed mission in Gambia.

  Palestinian Embassy
Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda
The embassy mission's office is the Palestinian National Authority's accredited  diplomatic representative in the capital.

  Philippines Consulate
Kanifing Industrial Estate
The Consulate of the Philippines is the Government of Philippines officially appointed representative emissary in Banjul.

  Portuguese Consulate
Mamadi Manjang Highway, Kanifing, ksmd
The Consulate of Portugal is the Government of Portugal's officially appointed emissary mission in Banjul.

  Royal Danish Consulate

  Royal Norwegian Consulate
Bakau, Mamakotu Road

  Senegalese Embassy
Kairaba Avenue (off Pipeline Road)
The Embassy of Senegal is the Government of Senegal's accredited diplomatic corps permanent mission in Banjul.

  Sierra Leone High Commission
Daniel Goddard Street
The Government of Sierra Leone's officially accredited  permanent diplomatic mission in Banjul.

  South African Consulate
Bakau, Sait Matty Road
The Honorary Consul, Mr. Modou Taal, is the Government of South Africa's official public representative body Gambia.

  South, Korean Republic Consulate
Ecowas Avenue, Banjul

  Spanish Honorary Consulate
Nelson Mandela Avenue
The Spanish Consulate is the Government of Spain's officially designated diplomatic mission in Banjul.

  Swedish Consulate
Mamakoto Road, Bakau
The Consulate of Sweden is the Government of Sweden's officially appointed diplomatic mission representative in Banjul.

  Taiwanese Embassy - ROC
Atlantic Road, Bakau
The Embassy of Taiwan is the Taiwanese Government's officially accredited  permanent mission to Banjul.

  Thailand Honorary Consulate
The consul for Thailand is the Government of Thailand's accredited spokesperson in the capital of Banjul.

  United Nations (mission)
Cape Point
Kofi Annan Street

  United Kingdom
Atlantic Boulevard, Fajara
The British High Commission is the UK Government's officially appointed diplomatic permanent mission in Banjul.

  United States of America
Fajara, Kairaba Avenue
This is the permanent mission of the government of the USA.

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