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Solie Law Chambers, Gambia
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Contact Address Details:
Solie Law Chambers
Banjul Office
2nd Street East
Fajara M Section, Ksmd
P.O. Box 1783, Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4372522 (land line)
                    7990419 (Mobile)




Solie Law Chambers are a 21st century legal practice partnership of Gambian lawyers and solicitors headed by Mr. Abdoulie Ceesay and his partner Mr. Kebba Sanyang. The firm is willing to deal with most kinds of civil and criminal cases as well as offering legal advice.

Costs and Fees:
If you are concerned about the costs & fees of Gambian lawyers they offer a free, no commitment meeting to discuss the price for their various services including no win no fee possibilities.

Legal Services:
Property Conveyancing:-
Solie Law can assist with property conveyancing in Gambia. These include legal advice and assistance with buying a house, apartment, land or commercial property. They also deal with leasing and give advice on property valuations, surveys, advanced deposits, mortgage processing and overseas property investment matters.

Family Law:-
Divorce law, family advice & custody matters. They can obtain the necessary document to dissolve a marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation. They can also advise you on, injunctions, wardship, domestic violence injunctions, adoption, legal custody and parental care proceedings.

Company Law:-
The law chamber offers corporate law advice and business / company start ups & commercial legal services. They have a range of corporate legal services which are suited to assist business clients in West Africa or The Gambia.  These include business formations which would involve Business registration certificate, Memorandum & articles of association, Licenses and Permits, Share capital, Certificate of incorporation and advice on keeping Statutory books such as full accounting records. Solie Law also deal with other aspects of business law such as company and shareholder tax liability, social security payments, acquiring financing, work and visa permits for foreign workers, representing corporate clients in court cases, debt collection, special power of attorney,  contract disputes, enforcement of judgments, employment law, mediation, drafting standard terms and conditions.

Wills & Estate Inheritance Law:-
Solie Law handles Wills, Probate and Estate Planning,  involving receivership, equitable release mortgage, estate administration, inheritance taxes,  Power of Attorney, inheritance disputes, creating trusts and property taxation issues.

Civil Litigation in Gambia:-
The partnership is also engaged in advocacy in civil litigation matters helping to resolve claims and counter claims, disputes between individuals, companies, state and local government authorities. These take the form of contract disputes or civil injury accidents caused by one party whether through negligence or willful intent. For example business contract disputes, property boundary disputes or writing up cease and desist letters.

They can give you legal advice on your chances of success should you chose to commence a civil claim and go to the courts of law or to be represented by a Solie Law barrister in defence proceedings in the High Court or Magistrates Courts.

Personal Taxation:-
They offer tax advice to both private individuals and companies with actual or potential tax problems, back taxes, tax debts, tax liabilities in The Gambia whether for expatriates or citizens.

Immigration, Visa & Nationality Issues:

Advising clients on The Gambia's immigration and nationality laws, rules and regulations.

These could take the form of advocacy on visa extensions, extended visitor permits, permanent residency, permission to stay, citizenship and asylum, applications for citizenship, work permits,
paper-work and form filling.

Criminal Law Representation:
The Solie Law firm has a 24/7 call out service to represent their clients at a police station and they also represent people in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the local Magistrates courts. You will be represented by expert criminal defence lawyers in Banjul who can try to help you get bail.

About Solie Law Chambers:
They aim to offer a full set of high standard legal services in Gambia for various types of clientele such as private citizens, overseas clients in the EU, USA, Africa and other countries, commercial banks, companies, sole-traders, Non-Governmental Organisations and charity groups.

Their legal expertise encompasses nearly every facet of commercial and private law in Gambia, with the continued development of their legal tailor-made services in order to address the current and future requirements of their clients in Gambia and overseas.

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