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Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (Asset Gambia)
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Contact Address Details:

Banjul area Head Office
P.O. Box 4587 Bakau New Town
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 4497675

Fax:              4498112


Off Garba Jahumpa Road at the Fajara M Section area.

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ASSET stands for the Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism and their headquarters are situated in Bakau just off the New Town Rd.

Its chairperson is Geri Mitchell, owner of Safari Garden Hotel in Fajara & the Sandele Eco-Retreat in Kartong (south Gambia). The organisation represents the informal sector of the Gambian tourism sector.

By informal sector is meant all those individuals and micro enterprises, which engage with tourists and the tourism industry, but are not members of the Gambian Hotel Association or the Ground Handlers  and Equipment Hirers Association.

The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET), resulted from a previous British High Commission sponsored Gambian Tourism Concern Workshop on Private Small Scale and Community-Based Tourism Enterprises held in The Gambia in October 1999. It was established in April 2000, bringing together some 40 small and micro enterprises. These include craft market vendors, tourist taxi drivers, official tourist guides, juice pressers and fruit sellers as well as a number of small hotels, guest houses and Ground Tour Operators.

The main objective of the organisation is to enable small-scale tourism enterprises to benefit more from their participation in the tourism industry and it works with its members on product development, marketing training, access to finance and quality assurance, and represents its membersí interests to government and the formal sector. It functions as a trade association for the SMMEs in the informal sector.

It played a key role in establishing co-operative working relationships between different informal sector groups and in assisting them to develop codes of conduct for their own members. It established a conflict resolution group and a new products group.

Two editions of Mango News were produced by ASSET in January and April 2002. This kept the membership informed of developments and provided a mechanism for sharing examples of good practise in the informal sector.

The taxi drivers became enthusiastic members of the organisation and have increased their own level of organisation.

ASSET has developed a new product: gift baskets which are composed of a range of craft and produce (soap/beeswax/honey) for sale through markets stalls and supermarkets and at the airport.

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