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Current Exchange Rates For The Gambian Dalasi
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Today's buying rates:
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UK Pound Sterling , Euro USD Dollar $, CFA Franc

Bureau De Change

Western Union

Official exchange rates can be found at the Central Bank of Gambia. N.B. Banks & Exchange Bureaus are generally free to set there own rates for buying or selling and to negotiate with individual customers who change in bulk cash.
The author of Access Gambia is not responsible for the currency converter above. Furthermore, the author is not responsible for its accuracy. Always double check all your conversions by pointing your browser to Oanda Currency Converter,'s Universal Currency Converter & the Central Bank of Gambia (which has currency Interbank-Indicative Rates for trading purposes). Always seek exact FX figures from your local financial institution before sending or changing any money around the world. Conversion results may vary from different websites for reasons given by those sites themselves. Do not rely on any resulting information via this page to make any decisions. Please read the full disclaimer carefully before proceeding to use the above tool or before arriving at any financial decisions.
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