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Internet Cafes in Gambia
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Undoubtedly, you will need to connect to the web during your stay in The Gambia. Don’t expect quick connection, however—the servers are dial-up and fairly slow, especially during the prime internet hours (between 11am to 5:00 pm). For best results, go early in the day and save your work or long emails often—noting is worse than a power outage right before sending detailed email report of your adventures. Most places have generators, but sometimes they take a few seconds (or minutes) to kick on. Prices for surfing the web are fairly cheap, about D15 for half an hour in most places.

Tel: 4398258
Great atmosphere (an actual café serving cold soft drinks, and food if you’re lucky). Very quick server, though a little far from the hotel on 76 Kairaba Avenue.

Ceesay Internet Cafe (Bakau)
Tel: 4495378

Customer Care (Serrekunda)
Tel: 4397978 or 4397972

Femisica Enterprise
Tel: 4496648 / 9
Good prices, though the atmosphere gets a bit crowed at times. They are on the Bakau's New Town Rd.

Gamtel Internet Cafe
Tel: 4201277
They have a branch in Kololi (Senegambia)

Internet Cafe
Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda

I-Link Gambia Co. Ltd.

Kairaba Hotel web cafe
Tel: 446 2940 / 1

K.T.C. Telecenter
Tel: 495526

NICE Gambia
Tel: 7744892

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NOTE: Most large hotels in Gambia have a room internet connection or net cafe.

Tel: 4378430 or 4378432
It has web cafes throughout the Greater Banjul area.

UTG computer lab
Tel: 4372213 or 4395062
The UTG has a free computer lab for student use, internet included. It is located in the Administration building on MDI Road. Pretty slow, but you certainly can’t beat the price.

YMCA Cyber Café
Tel: 4392647 or 4370240
This is a decent place, especially if you’re on MDI Road for classes—the prices are the cheapest around. The bad news is this place is rather small, has only a few computers, and is usually crowded with school kids.



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