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Undoubtedly, you will need to connect to the web during your stay in The Gambia. Servers used to be slow dial-up are now operating at '4G' speeds at a minimum, but can still be slow during most of the daytime. For best results, go early in the day and save your work or long emails often—noting is worse than a power outage right before sending detailed email report of your adventures. Most places have generators, but sometimes they take a few seconds (or minutes) to kick on. Prices for surfing the web are fairly cheap, about D20 for half an hour in most places.

Net Cafes Directory:
• Bonacta
Tel: 4398258
Great atmosphere (an actual café serving cold soft drinks, and food if you’re lucky). Very quick server, though a little far from the hotel on 76 Kairaba Avenue.

• Ceesay Internet Cafe (Bakau)
Tel: 4495378

• Customer Care (Serrekunda)
Tel: 4397978 or 4397972

• Gamtel Internet Cafe
Tel: 4201277
They have a branch in Kololi (Senegambia)

Internet Cafe
Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda

I-Link Gambia Co. Ltd.
• Kairaba Hotel web cafe
Tel: 446 2940 / 1

• K.T.C. Telecenter
Tel: 495526

• NICE Gambia
Tel: 7744892

NOTE: Most large hotels in Gambia have Wi-Fi or a small room net cafe.

Tel: 4378430 or 4378432
It has web cafes throughout the Greater Banjul area.

• UTG computer lab
Tel: 4372213 or 4395062
The UTG has a free computer lab for student use, internet included. It is located in the Administration building on MDI Road. Pretty slow, but you certainly can’t beat the price.

• YMCA Cyber Café
Tel: 4392647 or 4370240
This is a decent place, especially if you’re on MDI Road for classes—the prices are the cheapest around. The bad news is this place is rather small, has only a few computers, and is usually crowded with school kids.



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