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Gambia's Koriteh Prayers & Festival
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Koriteh Day - Eid Ul Fitr

Date: ~ Friday 15th June 2018 See also   HERE 

(Note - Dates may vary according to moon sightings).

This is a significant religious celebration which starts with a day of prayer and marks the official end of the fasting month of Ramadan. It means basically a feast of relief which is held on the night after Ramadan on the 9th month of the Muslim calendar.

On Koriteh morning Gambian men wearing their newest Kaftans and women wearing the latest Grand Mbubas go for a short prayer to their local mosques and listen to a quick sermon in the morning around 10 a.m. Giving alms is expected so you will often find physically challenged people outside mosques. After the Koriteh prayer people would visit friends and family and ask for forgiveness for their sins against them and pray for peace, good health and luck for the country's for the coming year. It is also common around this time to see specially placed ads in newspapers wishing the president good health and best wishes.

Children may also come knocking on your door asking for "Salibo" (money or sweets) which is similar to what children do in the West on Halloween. Then follows day-time and evening celebrations which can take on many forms including night clubbing!

Note: No guarantees are given as to the accuracy of the dates above.


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