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Tobaski Feast Day in Gambia
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Tobaski Day - Sacrificial Feast

Date: *Wednesday 22 August, 2018 
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The public holiday is also known as Tabaski or Eid Al Adha when families throughout the Gambia ritually slaughter mostly sheep in ritual sacrifice. The occasion of Tabaski is in commemoration of Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his own son, Ismail, in the name of Allah. It coincides with the end of the annual Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca.

Every married man or head of household is expected to buy a sheep or other suitable animal such as a cow, goat or even chicken if they can. When sacrificing the animal a sharp knife should be used and Allah's name is spoken. After the animal is slaughtered large portions of the meat should be given to the needy so that nobody misses out on the celebrations to follow. The rest of the meat is given as gifts to friends and relatives and the rest is reserved for the family. Indeed, the idea of sharing (about 2/3 of the animal) is the essence of feast.

What follows is essentially one nationwide massive barbecue and celebrations throughout the day. Gambians should wear their finest clothes and if possible brand new. You are also expected to do a thorough spring clean throughout your compound. You are expected at sometime during the day to visit your parents, other family members and friends.

On Tobaski day one will often see Gambian kids asking for pocket money from family and neighbours which they use to buy ice cream and other goodies. At this time Kairaba Avenue is jam packed full of kids crowding round anywhere that sells ice cream or cakes. They are also allowed out late by many parents as long as they are accompanied by an older child.

Note: No guarantees are given as to the accuracy of the dates above.

* Dates may vary as in various countries Eid Al Adha depends on moon sightings.

Buying Sheep

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