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Tobaski - Buying Sheep in Gambia
Most sheep that are to be slaughtered for the Tobaski feast are bought in Abuko which is just off the main road. This is often a very stressful time for a lot of men as they often feel duty bound to buy a big sheep even if they have to borrow money to buy it.

The cost of a sheep can typically be three to four times a manual worker's monthly salary.

It is often advisable to buy your sheep at least 1 week before Tobaski as prices tend to start to rise as you get nearer the Eid Al Adha feast day.

For a decent sized sheep expect to pay between $350 to $400 per animal though prices can be much higher  with rams particularly sought after. If you purchase a sheep early do remember that you have to feed them "ngon" (feed) which can cost around $4.50 per sack full.

Goats and sheep:
Free to roam the street, until sundown when they all return to their respective compounds. Donít be startled by their loud baas, which can be belch-like. Both animals are kept for Tabaski, a major Muslim holiday that requires sacrifice of these bleating creatures.

Gambia Livestock Dealer's Association Abuko
Contact tel. no: 4394625

Department of Livestock Services, Abuko
Telephone no: 4472820  /  4472118



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