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Radio Stations in Gambia
  Brikama Community Radio
98.0 FM MHZ, Western Region (WR), Gambia
The station was established in 1994 as a way of spreading development news & local issues affecting local citizens & in particular the women of Brikama.

  Capital FM 100.4 FM
Kairaba Avenue, Banjul area
The newest online player onto the Gambian radio scene. The station features regular music shows & talk programs are Wagne Bi, Sen Suba, Taxamtekhu & Afromanding.

  City Limits Radio
93.6 FM - Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda
CLR FM broadcaster is a private Dutch operated music and talk / station and plays dub reggae music on Saturdays and Sundays.

91.4 FM Bakau
GRTS is The Gambia's only public service broadcaster which operates in wireless, TV and now satellite.

  Kids With Talent
107.6 FM - Fajara M Section, Banjul area
KWT Radio station is a private commercial FM radio broadcaster which was set up to give young people a way to express their abilities & talents.

  Kora FM
Kanifing South, Banjul area
KRA is named after the Mandinka musical instrument and streams its programmes on 103.9 MHz frequency.

  North Bank Community Radio
NBC (100.1 FM) is a fully operational station which founded in the town of Kerewan in 1996 to provide broadcasting services to the people of the North Bank Region.

  Paradise FM
105.5 frequency - Kololi Village
A fully digital Gambian radio station that is owned and operated by Mediamatic & is now online.

  Radio 1 FM
102.1 FM - Kairaba Avenue
A private radio station playing music & focuses on economic development and political rights.

  Taranga FM
97.5 MHZ
Sinchu Alhagie Community Radio serves the people of Kombo North in the West Coast Region.

  Unique FM
100.7 FM, Bakau New Town, Banjul area
A private, online listening commercial radio station located in the Greater Banjul Area. Its programs feature music, showbiz, business, aviation news & weather reports.

  Vibes FM
106.1 FM - Garba Jahumpa Road, Bakau
Vibes (Sunnu Radio) is a privately owned digital radio station located Manjai Kunda. Their daily shows consist of reggae music, RnB, sports, youth news in English & Wolof, while their relayed broadcasts reach Basse & Dakar.

  West Coast Radio
95.3 FM - Manjai Kunda
WCR plays a selection by DJ Owl & DJ Mo of R&B & Reggae music with the occasional news, health reports, sports & announcements of events.

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Above you will find each stations' basic information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, websites, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region & up river areas of The Gambia, West Africa.

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