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Christmas Day in Gambia
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Christmas Day Celebrations:

Date: Monday 25 December, 2018 See also   HERE 

This time of the year is celebrated by both Christians (who are mostly Aku) and Muslims in Gambia and takes on many forms. This time of the year sees a proliferation of traditional local masquerades & rites as well as  Christian celebrations.

In the run up to the day hotels and other accommodation resorts put up decorations such as lights, tinsel and holly as well as offering special dinner menus and events. Many will hold a fireworks show on New Year's Eve as well.

A distinct characteristic of the Xmas festival in the Kombos and Greater Banjul is the carnival of the Fanal parades of small paper and bamboo boats.

Other aspects of this time of the year will see the emergence of various dance groups and acrobats such as the Wolof's Zimba lion dancers, Mamapara (man on stilted legs), Kanirang, the Jola's Kumpo. Another distinct feature of this time is the appearance of the  Mandinka Kankurang and the Aku's parade of Gesse masks and Hunting. They will often move along the streets hoping for donations and often carry on their displays well into the New Year.


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