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Denton Bridge & Oyster Creek
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Denton BridgeThe bridge is situated at the mouth of Oyster Creek connects the mainland with St. Mary's Island where the capital of Banjul is located to the rest of the Gambia.

It was completed in 1986 and is 210 metres long and 20 metres wide and is a continuous girder bridge which spans the creek, a watercourse which connects the Tanbi Wetland Complex of mangroves with the Atlantic ocean. 

It forms a section of the Banjul Serekunda highway and in 2008 it had 'cat's eyes' reflectors placed their by a Gambian living in Germany.

The bridge is sometimes called "Check Point Charlie", because of the number of police and military people their.

Denton Bridge is named after Sir George Chardin Denton (b. 1851; 1928), who was a governor of the Gambia between 1900 - January 1911.

There is a place to stay nearby and easily accessible by road and boat called the Denton Bridge Resort.

Oyster Creek Area:
The area to the east of the bridge is used mainly by fishing tour operators and boating trip organisers in Banjul.

There are also a number of peanut processing warehouses, a factory and a fish processing plant their.

Only a small part of the area is dry land and thus suitable for building structures and the general area is just above sea level.

Birds present are resident breeders and Palearctic passage or winter visitors are both represented.



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