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Banjul Travel Guide
Banjul is the capital of Gambia, West Africa (former name Bathurst), as well as the administrative city of the country & seat of government. The capital resort is one of the smallest cities in Africa, and is situated on an island at the mouth of the Gambia River called St. Mary's Island. The small port city has a sleepy ambience reminiscent of a large village. (Geographical co-ordinates 1327'N, 1633'W).

Places to See:
Many imported goods find their way to the bustling heart of Banjul is Albert Market and its surrounding roads, a great place to start leisurely walking and shopping for local crafts, batiks, silver jewellery clothes, shoes, fruits and vegetables, and household goods. You can find many goods often sold in Europe at high prices a lot cheaper in Banjul. Remember to always haggle down prices by at least 50 per cent of the asking price.

While in Banjul look out for the War Memorial & Fountain, near MacCarthy Square, erected to commemorate the coronation of Britain's King George VI in 1937. MacCarthy Square has a colonial atmosphere, with pleasant 19th-century architecture. There is also a children's playground with a modern play area.

Another place well worth looking at is the African Heritage Centre displaying and selling objects of art from all round the Gambia.

The skyline of Banjul is also graced by the twin minarets of the King Fahad Mosque and the State House, built by the Portuguese.

Other places worth visiting are the National Museum of the Gambia. The Museum is located around half way down Independence Drive, the main thoroughfare skirting the north of the capital, from July, 22 Arch towards Banjul centre you will find the museum on the left side of the road. There are plenty of exhibits to see and much of it of interest.

Another place on Independence Drive is the July 22 Arch. Standing high at 35m it offers great views over the city and coastal areas. The Arch was built to commemorate the July 22 1994 bloodless coup when a young army officer Yahya Jammeh took control of the country ousting President Jawara.

Whenever you have had enough of the hustle and bustle local pirogues (skinny wooden boats with an outboard motor) ferry visitors on the quiet waterways of Oyster Creek, the main waterway separating Banjul island and the mainland. The creek is a popular destination for bird-watchers, anglers and anyone keen to just laze around on a boat. The dense mangroves are particularly interesting and home to a variety of fish and other wildlife. For those wishing to cross over the estuary to Barra Point you need to get to the Banjul Ferry Terminal.

Travel Information:
To get to the capital from the resorts just takes about 20 minutes by car from the main resorts of Kololi and Kotu. The cost of a typical taxi fare for such a trip is about 8.00 or $12.00.



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