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Cotton Club, Fajara Discos in The Gambia are not what you would find in Europe. In some hotels you can find discotheques, often open to guests from other hotels as well. It can be often in the form of rather poor evening entertainment in the evenings or late night discos.  There are a few 'public' discotheques in the vicinity of hotels too, but you are advise against visiting these without some guidance.

The entrance fees are reasonable at all the discos and nightclubs in The Gambia. They will normally charge you Gambian money. Most tourist hotels make no charge for residents and their guests however, they will sometimes refuse entrance to young men called bumsters.

Average Entrance Fees:Ali Baba Night Club, Senegambia
These tend to be between D50 and D100 which is between 1.25 to 2.50 per person.

Maria's Bottle Shop
Opens till 4am
The oddly named discotheque is located on a dirt road Kotu and plays ear-splitting modern music from Senegambia (Kololi) as well as Reggae sounds. It is frequented by locals so do go along with someone who know the area pretty well.


The disco is located half-way along the Senegambia strip so you won't need transport after hours if you are staying at any of the nearby hotels. There is good security at the door and the main dance floor is located on the first floor with a veranda facing the street.

This is a purpose build entertainment palace with several dance floors playing African and Western music which includes a jazz floor. There are numerous bars and plenty of food served from the main restaurant at Jazziz or out in the garden area where you can get a taste of the local barbecue called Afra.

This is one of the top local discos in Gambia. It is located in Serrekunda, Westfield Junction, just off a small side street and is essentially an open air disco with an elevated performance state. There are several bars and toilets which are cleaned regularly throughout the evening. They have a ladies night when women are are allowed in for free. Do check which day as it used to be on a Wednesday. There is plenty of transport after hours and the general area is well lit with street lamps.

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