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Serrekunda Town, Gambia
The former village of Serrekunda Market Town, in Gambia, (also spelt Serekunda), has a population of about 337,000. The name  which means 'the home of the Sere family', is the largest town in Gambia and is located a few kilometres inland from the coastal resorts of Kololi and Kotu. Serrekunda really consists of 9 villages. These have merged over the years into one large urban sprawl encompassing Churchill's Town, Latrikunda & London Corner.

Serrekunda Market:
It is said to have originally started by just a few women sitting by the dirt road selling a few fresh vegetable and dried fish. Over time other local sellers joined them until it is what it is today. It is made up of wide, sprawling suburbs, heavily overcrowded, and is loud and bustling in nature. It's central hub is Serrekunda Market and Sayer Jobe Avenue which is packed with local shops, banged out taxis, merchants, craft sellers, street peddlers from all over West Africa and some Arab countries.

It is the place to visit if you want to experience 'culturally vibrant' urban African life.

Batik and Craft Factory:
Located in Dippa Kunda you can see the batik making process from the design, waxing, boiling to the finished product. This is one of the major batik factories in the Gambia supplying many of the local stalls with locally made batiks. Here you will find fabrics being drawn, waxed and boiled. Use this opportunity to shop a couple of souvenirs.

This is the National sport of the Senegambia region. Wrestling contests take place every weekend Saturdays and Sundays in the local wrestling arena in Serrekunda or at the national stadium in Bakau. Each wrestler has a group of Djembe drummers who frantically beat there drums before each bout and the total event last for one hour.

Paper Recycling Project:
An environmentally innovative scheme located at the 'Craft Village' which was set up by an English artist which introduces traditional skill of papermaking which helps students to acquire books.  Tel: +220 7707090

Alliance Franco-Gambienne:
The French Cultural Centre focused on teaching French classes, cultural activities such as theatre and live musical performances, a library, a Cafeteria and a music recording studio where local Gambian talent can hire and record their music. It is easily accessible as it is located on Kairaba Avenue (Pipeline Road).
Tel: +220 - 437 5418

Pickpockets are very active in the Serrekunda area (Geographical co-ordinates 13.46N, 16.69W) so keep your cash and jewellery well tucked away i a bum bag.

It is illegal to export from The Gambia any article made from wild animal skins, ivory, feathers or any other part of any protected creature. Offenders will have goods confiscated and fines might imposed.



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